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What is a SMS Gateway?

Many professionals are excited by the opportunities that effective SMS marketing can bring. It is important to not only weigh your options in terms of content strategy, but to also be aware of the technologies needed to implement your ideas. The technology behind your SMS marketing campaign is a SMS gateway.


So, what is an SMS Gateway? 


A SMS gateway is the system which allows you to send SMS messages from a computer to a mobile phone. Imagine if you wanted to send a text message about a big event happening in your business to 2,000 people. You wouldn’t type and send 2,000 separate texts or try to send a group message to your contacts. It would appear unprofessional and spammy. Instead, one might use your computer to log into the platform of your preferred SMS gateway provider to send out messages.

How does a SMS gateway work?

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Technical explanation

According to Techopedia, there are two options when implementing SMS messaging applications:

  • You need application connectivity to a wireless carrier’s  short message service center (SMSC). A developer or SMS gateway provider must be familiar with the SMSC protocol and likely wants to enable messaging to phones with different wireless carriers (such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint). This adds a level of complication because each carrier may use a different SMSCs with different protocols. The SMS messaging application needs to have multiprotocol communication. An SMS gateway may be placed between the application and the SMSC, requiring that the application communicate with the SMS gateway instead of the SMSC.
  • Application connectivity to a mobile phone or a modem: A developer must be familiar with ATtention (AT) command implementation when enabling application communication with a phone or modem. By placing an SMS gateway in the middle, the SMS messaging application/platform only needs to communicate with the SMS gateway.


Simple Explanation

With the help of a SMS modem your computer can be connected to the wireless carrier networks. When using a SMS modem, your computer is essentially turned into an oversized smart phone – allowing you to contact your consumer database directly to their phones.



Next Up: How does 3Seventy use the SMS Gateway inside of the portal? 

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