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Companies Lacking a Website Mobile Strategy Lose Consumers

Although every company has a traditional website that is accessible through a desktop computer, not every company has a website that easily translates to a mobile device when activated from such.  Companies are aware of the need for mobile but most are still hesitant to adopt a website mobile strategy.

The smartphone is the go-to device for almost all consumers.  They are constantly searching for information while walking around town and need a website that removes the clutter and provides them with the information they seek.  According to Dynatrace, 74% of mobile web users are only willing to wait 5 seconds or less for a single web page to load before leaving the site.  Although traditional websites are still accessible from a mobile device, the information provided is shrunk to fit on a substantially smaller screen making the load time slower and the navigation harder for the consumer.

What’s Your Website Mobile Strategy?

True mobile websites are created in terms of layout proportions and simplicity of a company’s traditional website when viewed from a mobile device. It removes the clutter and unnecessary information and provides the consumer with what they are looking for such as locations, products/services, contacts and directions.  It will instantly improve user experience with its simple layout and ease of navigation.  It also offers immediate engagement with your users by offering exactly what they are looking for.

A satisfied user is a returning user, and true mobile websites help to satisfy.

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