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Virtual Dressing Rooms are Changing Retail

Using Augmented Reality Technology to Create the Virtual Dressing Room


Technology advances blow my mind sometimes. In just 4 years, we’ve seen leaps and bounds in the developments of the technology on our mobile devices alone. The virtual dressing room concept that I once fantasized about after seeing the movie Clueless is not as far away as it once seemed.  And the excitement around this idea continues to grow. A recent survey from Accenture entitled Life of the Digital Edge: How Augmented Reality Can Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Growth found that virtual dressing rooms were rated among highest use for Augmented Reality for potential retail conversions.

What augmented reality use case would increase your likelihood
of purchasing the product?


  • Virtual furniture app: 86%
  • Virtual dressing room: 88%
  • Color changing app: 73%
  • Catalog app: 65%
  • Shopping app: 75%
  • Shoe sampler app: 87%
  • Virtual vehicle manual: 75%
  • Gamification app: 61%

Source: Accenture 2014 Augmented Reality Survey


“Augmented reality is an emerging technology that superimposes computer-generated images and content onto real-world environments, thereby enhancing a user’s perception of reality by combining physical and virtual elements.” (source: Accenture)

While this is a really exciting prospect, nearly 60% of survey respondents reported that they haven’t actually seen or used an Augmented Reality technology before. As companies continue to grow recognition and adoption among consumers, there are several other mobile tools surfacing with similar concepts that making the retail shopping experience easier for everyone.

Clothing Retail…

Exciting Mobile Concepts


1. Mix Me. This mobile app allows users to mix and match clothes, organize their wardrobes, as well as make purchases. Developed by German shop Infobest, this app let’s the user take photos from multiple angles to capture the image of themselves and then generates a 3D model of the person.

2. This Bangalore based website recommends clothes to based on a preferred style, clothing tastes and body type. When a customer signs up she takes a short visual quiz that reveals information about her body type and style preferences. Then instant recommendations are sent from stylists on what will suit her, how to wear the clothes, and what to pair them with. Naturally, it is available as a mobile app as well.

3.Fits.Me. This is a tool for online shopping. Capturing shopper dimensions and fit preferences adds vital real-time insights that enable the retailer or brand to curate and personalize every shopper’s experience at every touchpoint. Brands invite customers to enter their sizes, and it create an avatar that tries on clothes to find the best fit – which reduces returns and increases customer satisfaction with e-commerce. (Case Study)

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4. TrialKart. Through the mobile app, users can choose any listed apparel and click on the ‘Try’ option. Using either an image taken by the phone’s camera on the spot or from an existing photo in the app’s gallery, users can visualize themselves in the outfit. It allows the ability to pinch, zoom, and orient the apparel so that it is correctly placed on the picture. Social sharing of the final image helps the users gather opinions, and the brands to get viral marketing.


Takeaways about Virtual Dressing Rooms and Mobile Retail

Trying on clothes to find the right style and fit is fun for fashionistas, but for many of us it is a chore. Leveraging virtual dressing rooms using mobile tools – from mobile apps to mobile websites – can reduce stress. Customers feel satisfied faster, develop brand loyalty and will stick with the retailers providing the best tools.


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