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Using Video in Your Text Message Marketing

Integrating Video in Your Text Message Marketing Can Make a Big Impact

It is as simple as including a link to a video posted on your YouTube or Vimeo channel in your text message. If your goal with the text campaign you are running is about building your brand recognition, loyalty or trust as an expert, then creating a video is an excellent way to get the idea across. And delivering that short video is easy with text message marketing.

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Your Video Can:


1. Drive Immediate Action

Since visual stimulation is a great tool for motivating action, delivery in a text message makes it even more powerful. Whether you are building a subscription base or driving customers into a brick and mortar store, visual storytelling helps direct customers to the focal points you choose. Video combined with text messaging is a perfect complement to engage two-way conversations.

2. Build Authority and Credibility 

Show your customers what your brand value and expertise are in the world.  Be authentic in your messages! When you deliver a message in a proactive way (like a video in a text message), it can help to establish both your credibility and industry expertise. Use testimonials and strong statistics to show off professional successes. Engaging your audience with sensory elements, then you may just get you to achieve your end goal faster.

3. Simplify Complex Concepts

Brands with complex processes or technical applications can be difficult for an audience to understand. If you use visual storytelling with a clear and concise narrative, then it can help break down a barrier of understanding. Video is also a engaging way of telling your audience something new and interesting or to help them view your company differently.

4. Humanize the Company or Brand

We just don’t buy stuff from each other. We buy a lifestyle, feeling or relationship that is associated with your company/brand. Everything we purchase is  an extension of your own personal story, which creates our own personal brand. When your brand tells an authentic story and presents it in a relatable perspective, customers connect better.

5. Provide Value or Entertainment 

Really good videos provide a benefit for the viewer – usually entertainment or knowledge. If your video and text messaging can artfully capture the elements of entertainment and knowledge, then your brand will be viewed as a relatable, human-driven company. It doesn’t need to be long or documentary style, but should make an impact.


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