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Implementing Mobile for Education

It’s no surprise that the student to teacher ratio is growing. As of fall 2015, this ratio for public schools hovered around 16:1 according to the National Center for Education Statistics. With the number of students growing, educators are challenged to meet the high demand. A crucial component to alleviating the burden on educators is by strategically organizing among the education faculty itself. Using mobile for education with both professors and administrators could improve inter-faculty communications and ultimately help professors within the classroom.


It Takes an Administration Village


According to a recent study by Deloitte on workplace culture, employee engagement was a top challenge for many organizations. Almost 87% of respondents believed the issue was “important” with about 50% of respondents believing that it was very important. Although professors are heavily engaged with their students, they also need support from colleagues and administrators to achieve success. With the integration of mobile tools such as SMS, maintaining communication within a school’s network can be simplified and made to be more efficient. SMS messages provide a more instantaneous communication form than email, so that educators can get the information they need for education, EdTech, education technology, education innovations, mobile education, mobilizing education, mobile edu, edu tech


Mobile for Education Helps Foster a Bright Future

Over the next decade, it is projected that over 1.5 million new teachers will be hired (American Institute for Research). This means that the number of student teachers are projected to increase as well. Student teachers have reported that using mobile for education and learning has helped them keep students on task, get corrective feedback in real time, and excite students about learning (The Conversation).

Mobile learning is an effective response to the issue of educational resources being spread thin. This newer approach to learning, sometimes called EdTech, is helping student teachers garner the tools to change education for the better.

According to, teaching ranks in the top 10 most stressful jobs in America. Using mobile for education allows for a more efficient means for internal communications and getting the support that you need as a professor. Properly using mobile tools can improve professor and administration communications and lead to improved preparedness for managing a classroom and meeting student development goals. Education is a vital part of our society and mobile tools are revolutionizing the way professors can perform.



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