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Use Mobile Coupons in Your Marketing Campaign

By the year 2014, approximately 300 million consumers will have used mobile coupons.That is a lot of customers trying to get a good deal on the items they are purchasing and is a key reason why you should integrate mobile coupons in your marketing campaign. Many people like shopping with coupons; being able to take advantage of a special offer may encourage shoppers to try a new product or buy a larger quantity of something they had already planned to purchase.

Why use a mobile coupon as opposed to the traditional paper ones? There are some really good reasons to offer virtual coupons to customers. A customer who is in a store or other type of business and receives a coupon on his or her cell phone is more likely to act on that prompt and make a decision to buy. This type of highly targeted marketing simply makes good business sense.
Mobile coupons are a great way to encourage buyers to add related products to their purchase. Most shoppers are interested in getting a good deal, especially if the terms of the coupon offer an extra discount. For example, a discount is available on Product B if it is purchased at the same time as Product A.  This incentive may be enough to encourage the customer to add the second product to the order, boosting sales.  
Companies that will get the best results with these coupons are ones that know their customers well and can anticipate their needs before sweetening the pot with a discount coupon.

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