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USE CASE: Mobile Shopping with Product Comparisons In-Store

Retailers are Connecting Mobile Shopping with the In-Store Experience

When you create a unified shopping experience, shoppers will take note and show their loyalty with their hard earned dollars.

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Pain Point:

Online shopping is more convenient for many shoppers. Many retailers have begun treating their brick and mortar stores as a showroom more than a retail outlet – making the assumption that shoppers are coming in to see and touch products, but then purchase online.

Mobile Tool:

Mobile Website and SMS Dialog Messages and Coupons (Mobile Coupons)

Use Case:

An office supply retailer has 2 goals: increasing revenues overall (both online and in-store) and improving upon the up-sell process so that shoppers will purchase more.

We address the first goal of increasing revenue by providing a mobile shopping assistant in the form a a mobile website. Shoppers reportedly have a difficult time deciding between different kinds of computers, printers, and other technology items. It can be difficult to compare these items while in store, so we created a product comparison tool where the shopper can choose which items he or she wants to compare and it provides details about each category. If there is any confusion, the shopper can text in to the SMS program to get answers from a live customer support person.

Mobile Coupon, Digital Coupon, Use Case, SMS Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SMS GatewayThe second goal is to improve the product up-sell process. Other retailers find that shoppers who choose to buy online and pick-up in store spend nearly twice as much as those who have online orders delivered directly to their homes. This is likely due to a few different factors – ease of purchase, ability to price compare with other retailers, and comfort of the third wall between them and the store. To increase up-sell purchases, we added digital / mobile coupons into the purchase path. As a shopper is looking at an item, the complementary products appear just before the “Add to Cart” button with a “Package it” button. Packaging up multiple products for a discounted price – such as a printer with ink and a ream of paper.


The Results:

The mobile website with the product comparisons helped shoppers to make educated decisions while in-store and drove them to purchase sooner than before. This mobile shopping tool was supported by the customer service via SMS, which also helped the retailer with creating a positive shopping experience. And the packaging of products matched up with mobile coupons / digital coupons made checkout faster for the shopper, which increased the up-sell revenue and improved the overall process.

Shopping Experiences, whether in-store, at home, or on-the-go, can be the make or break point for a retailer. Shoppers are savvy – searching for the best deals and opportunities – but they also value customer service and the overall experience. Creating a unified shopping experience, no matter what the device or location can be the key to getting that next sale.

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