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USE CASE: How a SMS Gateway Can Ease Package Delivery

According to Camden Properties Executives, 3.3 million dollars are lost on package delivery issues within apartment/rental properties every year. Finding an efficient way to ensure timely and accurate package delivery is crucial for both tenant and leaser. (Wall Street Journal)SMS Business, SMS Gateway Campaign, Mobile Business, SMS Operations

Pain Point:

Package delivery and mail, in general, is often hard to coordinate for many apartment/rental properties. Whether it is a mistake in the shipping address instructions by the tenant, the margin of human error between delivery people and office management, or even just the abundance of packages held by the property management, mistakes in package delivery are inconvenient (and sometimes costly).

Mobile Tools:

SMS Gateway Campaign and Software Integration through SMS API

Use Case:

A property management team wants to reduce the number of package delivery issues in a time-effictive yet inexpensive way. There have been complaints of late and/or missing packages from the tenants, as well as complaints from staff that notifying residents of their packages is taxing.

There are 2 goals for effective package delivery within a leasing property: less work for the leasing agency and direct communication for the tenant. Transition should be smooth with as few steps as possible in-between to lessen the chance of mistakes. All the while, keeping tenants happy and the proper management’s brand in good graces.


SMS Gateway Campaign, SMS Business, SMS Operations, Mobile Alerts, Triggered MessagesA SMS gateway alleviates stress upon the property management staff by creating a unified method to manage incoming packages whilst alerting tenants of those packages. It can be daunting for the property management, especially when it is in overseeing a large property or multiple properties.

By creating a SMS gateway and connecting to their CRM system/package tracking system through 3Seventy’s API, the property managers are able to send out text message alerts to tenants. When a package for a resident is entered into the computer system, it triggers a message to be sent out. That message includes dynamic data (such as apartment number) and it is automatically sent out to alert the tenant that a package has arrived. With no reminder email or text to compose themselves, property managers are less likely to make mistakes since the message is sent as soon as the package is entered.

On the tenant side, triggered messages from a SMS gateway campaign have been extremely convenient because new package alerts come directly to their phones (where SMS messages are 99% likely to be opened).  Gone are the days of notes taped to the door that were missed, email alerts that were never seen, or notifying slips in mailboxes that are never checked. With triggered alerts sent through a SMS gateway, there is no excuse to miss when your package has arrived.


The Results:

The property management using 3Seventy’s gateway campaign has 115,000 residents in their database thus far, and continuing to roll out the service through their properties. The cost is only per every outbound text message sent, a large cost saving compared to the 3.3 million dollars that is typically lost in package delivery issues.

Successful implementation of a sms gateway campaign can strengthen any property management operation. With so many other potential issues that can arise in leasing property, basic package delivery shouldn’t be a main concern.


How is your property management company dealing with packages? We’d like to know!

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