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USE CASE: Connecting Your Remote Team with SMS

Global companies are connecting Remote Teams using mobile, specifically SMS

It is already difficult enough to have a consistent sales message when your team is in the same building. Communication is key to the branding and sales process for companies – both large and small.

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Pain Point:

Staying connected and up to date, no matter what your location is a big issue for companies to tackle. The boom in remote teams has created communication issues and imbalance. Team members want to focus on filling the funnel and closing those big sales, rather than worrying if the information they have is updated and correct.

Mobile Tools:

SMS Dialog text messaging, SMS Chat, and a dedicated Mobile Application

Use Case:

Sales managers want to have a coaching conversation with their sales team about an upcoming sales call, but now a days there is no physical office… everyone lives and works remotely. More salespeople and their managers have shifted to remote working environment where managers must rethink the way they coach their teams and provide sales materials such as updated pitch-decks.

The sales manager wanted to build trust with this sales team, grow their confidence, and boosts individual performance. In an office environment, this usually takes place in small 3-5 minute conversations in the hallway, out to lunch or in between calls. Virtually, the environment of these small conversations feels more strained. So goal number one for the sales manager was to create a routine to be in constant mobile communications and have it feel real.

There is a distinct need for coaching. This could be a surrogate coach who can be a top-performing team member working as a mentor, a virtual team member, or a local person who can see the sales team member. There are tips, tricks and key how-to scenarios that need to be played out and tracked. How do you manage this relationship and professional development?

For the second goal, the sales manager was concerned about updated sales materials. He wanted to make sure his team members had the most current pitch decks, flyers, etc. What is the best way to confirm these materials are getting to everyone and in a timely fashion?


*The Solution:

To address the first goal, a dynamic SMS campaign is created for each team member using the SMS API. A sales manager can automatically have a messaged pushed out to the entire team every Monday with personalized (dynamic) content inserted into the message. The team member can reply confirming their meeting or asking to reschedule. This is one less task for the manager to do manually, but still allows him or her to reach out to team members on a regular basis. Remote team, remote sales team, mobile tools, SMS API, SMS dialog, text message, SMS for operations

Following this appointment reminder style of messaging, the sales manager or coach can connect with the remote team rep using multiple ways:

  • SMS Chat for real-time text messaging through the portal. This has several advantages including a saved history of your messages and using your computer, rather than personal phone, for texting.
  • Virtual meetings through a dedicated mobile application allow for video conferencing that feels like you are there.
  • Triggered SMS Campaigns to congratulate the remote team rep when he or she gets a win. This is another hands-off, but effective method for supporting your team. Creating a message that is triggered based upon an activity in the CRM system. It can be personalized and written by the sales manager so that it reads like his or her voice.


Dealing with the current sales materials becomes easy when you have a dedicated sales team mobile application/ tablet application. The head of marketing or sales can add the latest pitch deck, flyers, direct mail pieces, and other materials into a single portal that the entire team can access. When a new item is added to the portal, the remote team member is notified via email or text message. And the best part is that it is accessible while on-the-go. Rather than worrying about the technology in a prospective client’s office, the tablet allows them to present.






*NOTE: This use case has not been set live yet. Some of these features are not yet available for client consumption. 

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