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TrueDialog Trust Center

We treat the security and privacy of our clients' information as the highest priority.

Cyber Security Program 

We have a comprehensive TrueDialog Cyber Security Program focusing on our policies, operating procedures, employee training, and technical protection & controls. We regularly update our program as we advance our technology and the threat environment changes. This program covers critical areas such as Access Control, Privacy, Risk Management, Data Protection, Software and Network Technical Protections, and Incident Management and Response.

24/7 Information Security Operations Center

We utilize a 24/7 Security Operations Center staffed with TrueDialog cyber security engineers who monitor our technology services with a suite of proprietary and commercial cyber security technologies. Endpoint monitoring, access attempts, and deep analysis of our network and internal device logs are all part of our team’s monitoring, alerting, and response duties.

Proactive Threat Protection, Detection, and Eradication 

We have cyber security tools installed on all of our endpoints, networks, computes, and storage devices. These defensive tools constantly watch for and alert us on any potential threats. Should any threat be detected, our TrueDialog Security Operations Center blocks the source and triggers the automatic deployment of tools to eradicate any remnants and permanently seal off the access method.

Regular Vulnerability Scanning 

We further run an extensive set of deep scanning tools both inside and outside our perimeter to detect vulnerabilities in our platform components and software. These vulnerabilities are prioritized by risk, remediated by our technology team, and applied to our production environments.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure

We leverage Microsoft’s multi-layer security technology by hosting our technology environment in the Azure Secure Cloud. TrueDialog security controls are built into the processing infrastructure and Microsoft’s threat protections are all part of the TrueDialog technology environment.

TrueDialog Breach Protection and Notification 

First, know that we take all steps to protect against TrueDialog breaches and data disclosure with the above aspects of our Cyber Security program. There are further aspects of our program that are confidential due to the nature of today’s global threat environment.

If a TrueDialog breach or data disclosure should occur, we have an incident response team and procedure that is activated in real-time. The breach source will be shut off and contained by our team and technologies. We then immediately notify our clients and the appropriate regulatory agencies. Regular communication will happen proactively to report status and detailed information as required by the type of the breach or disclosure. Will we continue to work with our clients until all aspects of the breach are addressed.


We have a Privacy policy focused on protection and appropriate use for our client’s information. Please see our full privacy policy.

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