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True Dialog Portal Release Notes for 5.19.15

Version 2.0

In this 3Seventy Portal Release: MMS, Long Codes, Bug fixes, Code Clean-up, Stability Enhancements, Future Action System


Major Changes

  • Channel Service is now deployable to different cloud instances.
  • MMS now supported
    Basic sending of MMS is now supported. You can upload an image and set the returned ID on content and in a push campaign event.
  • Push Campaign Changes
    • Gateway campaigns can now take an Image ID for pushing an MMS message with.
    • Specify a list of contact lists to push messages to. All contacts appearing in the lists will be sent the message. Any contacts that appear more than once across the lists will only receive the message once.
    • Specify a list of contact lists to for excluding contacts. Any contacts appearing in these lists will NOT receive the message; this is applied after the pull of all of the other contact sources.
    • Specify a channel name in the “Channels” field (instead of an arbitrary ID value):
      § Pushing to a short code, you need only specify the short code: “33898”, “370370US”, or “370370CA”
      § Pushing to a long code (or group of long codes): “+15125550100”, “+12145550101”, “LONGCODE”
    • The special word “LONGCODE” will push to all available long codes you have, this same effect can be accomplished via our old APIs by specifying the channel ID for the LONGCODE channel.
      (Note: acquiring a new long code requires a call to the new APIs)
      § Pushing to email: “EMAIL”
      § Pushing to null (for testing, does not actually send messages): “NULL”
  • Get a status of an event via a call to GET /account/{accountId}/event/{eventId}/status
    • For push campaigns, you can see the total number of contacts found and the total number that is being sent to. This updates approximately every 30 seconds until the event is complete.
    • This endpoint also works for contact imports, but does not currently have a running total as the push campaign does. (future release)
  • Long codes are now supported:
    • Search for new long codes via a call to GET /account/{accountId}/search-tn/
    • Order long codes via POST /account/{accountId}/request-tn/
      § Orders do not complete immediately and take a few seconds.
      You may get the status of the order via a GET call to the same endpoint.


Minor Changes

  • The NULL channel type has been changed to be identical as an SMS channel for all portions of the system except for at the ChannelService level.
    This will ultimately lead to us reducing code complexity in some areas and eliminating some bugs in the future.
  • The non-breaking space character was incorrectly breaking messages into separate messages.
    This was due to the fact that the system would see the character and switch to Unicode instead of GSM 38.08. This has been corrected, and nonbreaking spaces are now translated into a regular space when sending messages.
  • More aggressive retry logic in import-contacts, and several additional changes to improve its stability.
  • Improvements to the keyword response times for better servicing inbound text requests.
  • Various other bits of code clean up
    • Bits of unused code removed
    • Corrected some spelling mistakes in various comments and copy locations.
    • Removal of Unity in some additional places


Stay Tuned for Future Plans…


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