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The Pony Express vs SMS

If Messaging Was Still Like the Pony Express

It wouldn’t work out too well if we waited days or weeks for messages to arrive from across the country by horseback.  Yesterday’s fun doodle from Google with a Pony Express game reminded me how lucky we are to live in an age of technology, and to pause and imagine a world without text messaging (SMS).

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Imagine learning about the recall of a drug or food weeks after the company announced it. You may become terribly ill or worse … all because someone had to ride 500 miles on horseback to deliver the message to you, or for the newspaper to print the information and have it delivered.


The Human Disconnect Caused by Technology vs Advantages of SMS Technology


Yes, it is terrible that people feel so disconnected from each other and so much emphasis is put into the technology we use. However, these technologies have also caused us to be connected in new ways, and innovations such as text messaging have improved our lives.

1. Timely Communications. We can receive those time sensitive updates via text messaging in minutes. This applies to healthcare, operations, emergencies, and other time-specific updates.

2. Simplified Messages. While we can all enjoy reading a novel over the weekend, sometimes being forced to keep a message short helps to better get the point across.

3. Affordability. It is cheaper to send a text message than it is to send a letter through the US Postal Service. Really think about that for a moment. A single first class stamp currently costs $0.49, whereas a text message can cost as little as $0.01 (if not less).

4. Wider Reach. More people in the US have cell phones with text messaging capabilities than those who could afford the Pony Express back in the day. You can get your message to more people today than what would have ever been possible in the 1800’s.


Horses are great. The Pony Express is an important part of history; but so are technology innovations such as SMS (text messaging).



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