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The Mobile Phone: An In-Store Shopping Companion

In a recent survey conducted by Luxury Daily, among respondents who use retail mobile apps 51% use them in-store. It is no surprise that no one leaves home without their beloved cell phone, and companies are taking full advantage by being more aggressive in their mobile marketing strategies. So how exactly do in-store shopping experience and mobile marketing working together?

In-Store Information for Staying Pretty On-the-Go

Beauty store mecca, Sephora, launched revamped to-go apps for all major smart devices this year. Customers have the ability to scan products in-store and instantly read ratings and reviews, receive notifications about special offers, use unique photo tools to help try on new make-up looks, and take a contouring class on the go. Providing this kind of information in-store to shoppers in real-time can be the difference between leaving the store and making a purchase. Information is power, after all, and the customer feels empowered when provided with options.

Color Your World: Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Sherwin-Williams is also personalizing the shopping experience with their new ColorSnap Visualizer mobile app.  Much like virtual dressing rooms, ColorSnap allows customers to scan color swatches in-store to see them applied in simulated rooms. Director of electric business marketing at Sherwin-Williams, Megan Vickers justifies ColorSnap by saying, “An in-store color swatch is the truest representation of the color, but on its own, it can be difficult for many to imagine that small swatch of color filling the walls of their home.” This tool allows shoppers to make this key home decor shopping experience easier and decrease the time until a final transaction.

In addition to motivating consumers to get to the physical store, the new challenge comes in integrating mobile tools with the shopping experience itself. According to Apptentive, the top reason customers will use a store’s mobile app while shopping in-store is to redeem discount offers. While incentive based interest is profitable, many companies strive to engage with customers on a more personalized level.

What is your in-store retail plan to drive more revenue and decrease the time to purchase?


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