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The Mobile Frontier

The number of hours that consumers spend on their mobile devices has drastically increased since the introduction and rise of the smartphone; and there appears to be no slowing down in the near future.  As of recently, Google announced that Android is witnessing an impressive 900,000 new activations a day.  That means that every second of everyday 10 sets of eyeballs, that brands so desperately want to market to, activate their new smartphones.

So what exactly are people  doing with these smartphones today? The possibilities are endless depending on the demographic and their needs.  Nearly 77% of frequent business travelers use their smartphones to search for local services and things to do when they arrive at their destination.  Almost 70% of consumers today will find store locations and compare prices online while they are shopping and almost as many will compare reviews of products in-store (Deloitte).  And according to recent data by the Pew Internet and American Life Data, half of all adult cell phone owners now incorporate their mobile devices into their television watching experiences.

Companies are recognizing the mobile frontier ahead of them

In a recent study of 500 companies conducted by, 68% of these companies confirmed that they are increasing their digital budgets for 2012 and that as much as 60% of those dollars will be devoted to building mobile strategies and applications to reach and effectively market to these mobile internet viewers.

So when 3Seventy Inc., the Austin based and industry leading mobile marketing firm, asked me to join their  team I practically jumped through my iPhone at the chance.  It feels like back in 2001-02 when everyone knew that websites would be important, but most of the established businesses were not too sure how to go about taking advantage of this great technological development.  Mobile is the same today and I am so excited to be with a company that has been pioneering this space for the last 4 years.

If your company is seeing these signs too and is looking for a mobile marketing company that it can trust to take you across the trail in this fast developing market, give us a call at 3Seventy.  There is no better firm to hook your mobile marketing wagon to than the great team at 3Seventy.


About 3Seventy:

Beyond Mobile Marketing

3Seventy was founded with the belief that mobile marketing would go beyond one-way messaging to create a truly unique customer engagement experience, including marketing, operations, and customer service. We go beyond the traditional 360 degrees of communications strategies to deliver the right solutions for our customers. Our relentless pursuit of innovative customer service makes us the best mobile provider in the industry.


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