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The Intersection of Mobile and Travel

Mobile and Travel – Giving Smartphone Users Convenience While On-the-Go

Fifty-four percent of smartphone owners use Google Maps, making it the most used app globally as of August 2013. Whatever the mode of travel, current innovation in mobile technology offers is offering city dwellers the means to navigate a variety of transportation-related issues from the palms of their hands..

Traffic apps can visualize conditions specific to your route, with accident markers and a convenient text-to-speech feature to promote safe driving. Using road sensors and data from state highway patrols, Sigalert‘s live traffic-reporting app factors speed with conditions to estimate the travel time for a given destination. Individuals can report incidents to Beat the Traffic, an app that aggregates road-related conditions to help its users achieve “a hassle-free commute.”.

For transportation via bus and train, AnyStop and Me2Bus give users quick access to basic route info such as stop locations and scheduled times of arrival. RouteShout also offers the option to mark frequent and favorite stops for future use. Some systems even sell virtual passes that can be purchased and stored on a smartphone for use as needed.

Local transportation systems can utilize a text messaging system for disseminating text-based bus and train schedule information – an intersection of mobile and travel. Dadnab‘s service is a lifesaver for the bus-riding cell -phone user without a data plan. Text (512) 981-6221 with the origin, destination and departure time, and a reply is sent right back to you.

For those who ride the same few buses every day, the super-simple Transitly app makes it quick and easy to find out what time the next one comes. Entered routes are automatically saved and displayed on the front page as soon as the app is re-opened. In addition to providing public transportation info, users can find specific things and places (ex: Coffee) by using Mapnificent’s Google-integrated search feature. The site, still in beta, is customizable for specific situations such as, “Do you have a bike with you?” Text Messaging Travel Mobile

The RideScout mobile app, one of Huffington Post’s “Favorite Technology of SXSW 2012,” aggregates real-time information on all nearby ride options for users to search and compare on demand. The integration of social media allows users to participate in group trip- planning and ride -sharing.

SideCar‘s application matches people looking for rides with people willing to offer them.  Riding with a random person may seem unsafe, SideCart takes extra precautions to ensure passenger safety: background and driving checks for those behind the wheel, a $1 million insurance policy for passengers, and a rating system for both drivers and riders.

Whatever the function, it is even more imperative that transportation websites to be optimized for mobile as interaction often happens while out and about. Here at 3Seventy, we love seeing inventive sites and applications that offer smartphone users convenience while on-the-go. An interface with easy-to-navigate features is a huge help for mobile users.

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