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The First Steps Toward Integrating Mobile And Social Media

Few companies have fully integrated mobile and social media into their larger marketing plans, however 65% of those in a recent survey by Silverpop claim to be somewhat integrated. Texting, tweeting, checking in, and posting photos from a mobile phone are no longer limited to tech geeks. Everyone is sharing their lives in the digital realm, especially from mobile devices, which makes integrating mobile media key factor to marketing success in the future. If you are taking your first steps towards being mocial-savvy, then there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Mocial (Mobile strategy plus social media) is most effective for on-going campaigns, rather than short-term periods.
  • Social Media is more than Facebook and Twitter. Check out LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Meetup. Decide which 2-3 social outlets best fit your business and marketing goals, rather than trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Mobile includes several areas: text marketingmobile websites, and Mobile Apps. Make sure that you are integrating these channels into your social outlets using hyperlinks and other connecting tools.
  • Focus your mocial strategy in a couple of areas at first. You may want to begin with a Mobile website that has your Twitter newsfeed on it and links directly to your account.
  • External channels should be utilized to direct traffic to your mocial campaigns. Anything from a poster with a QR code on it, to a television ad with “Text In” included will drive traffic for you.
  • Think about how your customers want to hear from you. This is based upon demographic information as well as preferences. Is it through text marketing? Or maybe an email that is optimized for mobile?
  • Plan your strategy in 60-90 day periods with a calendar that identifies what your core message is, how you will distribute it and where. Remember that your message needs to be appealing, based on behaviors and tailored to your customers.

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