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The Best Brands Utilize Text Marketing

utilize text marketing, text marketing results Successful brands define themselves as an actual person.  In backroom secret meetings, brand managers might refer to their brand as she, he, athletic, hipster, emo, rock star, popular, hungry, party animal, surfer…yeah, you get the idea.  In this posting, I’ll refer to the “brand” as a “she”.  A compelling and interesting brand carefully selects characteristics that her target demographic aspires to become.  In a brilliant blend of science and talent, brand managers design this perfect personality who impacts everything that could possibility influence their customers. Many brands utilize text marketing

Text Marketing is an excellent way to have a brand’s personality communicate with her customers.  Think about it – how do friends communicate with each other these days?  Do they send letters in the mail (print mail advertising)?  Do they hang giant posters of their friend in the front window of their house (in-store banner advertising)?  If any friend of mine did that, the stalker card would fly out of my pocket faster than I bolt out of my office door on a Friday afternoon.  These days, friends communicate with each other through text messaging and social media.  A super in-tune brand engages her fans through their channel of choice – their mobile phone.

One-way text messaging, however, just isn’t going to cut it – that is, if a brand truly cares about what her fan thinks.  One-way text messaging is, simply said, rude.  If I sent a good friend a text message, and they didn’t respond….their phone better be either lost or water saturated.  Again, we all know that ignoring a text message is just plain inconsiderate.  Luckily, 3Seventy has developed an innovative way for a brand to complete a conversation with her fan, not just start a conversation.  Dialogue texting is best used to find out 2-3 key pieces of information about her fan.  In the world of mobile marketing, we call that “small talk”.

So brands, stop being rude.  Engage your fans through dialogue texting; make them feel like you care about who they are and what they would like to eat for dinner.  Your brand is smart and polite, and she will definitely jump for joy when you guide her towards an engaging mobile strategy.

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