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Text Service Provider, True Dialog, Launches Revamped Website

Text service provider, 3Seventy, is proud to announce the launch of our renovated website. The improved website is designed to allow visitors easy navigation through the abundance of resources that 3Seventy provides. Valuable content including white papers and videos add to the sleek new design. 

Whether you want to better understand how SMS text messaging works or watch one of our past webinars about mobile retail, you can quickly access information here. The website is separated into five primary sections:

  • Solutions: Whatever the goal, we work closely with you to find the best possible solution from our extensive tool kit.
  • Work: We have experience working with Fortune 500 companies, local businesses, and everyone in between. Check out some of the snapshots.
  • Company: See photos of the 3Seventy staff, read fun facts, and learn more about who we are.
  • Resources: This is your reference guide for all things mobile. Here you can find in-depth case studies, white papers, watch videos, and read the latest news.
  • Platform: It’s all our own technology. You can read about how it works, and the expertise we bring along with it.

My personal favorite areas of the new website are webinars and client work. The webinars provide great quality content, and cover some really useful topics such as “Why SMS is Still Number One” and “Augmented Reality: The Future of Consumer Engagement.” Our examples of mobile websites in client work are eye-catching and well produced. I love the design and feel of the Andrew Harper mobile website because it truly captures the company’s luxurious brand.

Mobile Video

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