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Text Messaging For College Campus Alerts

College Campus Alerts

Texting is the fastest and most efficient way to connect with university students, so more schools are turning to this technology for campus-wide communications – from the college campus alerts about emergencies to basic announcements. Students know immediately if an emergency situation is occurring on campus.

More colleges and universities are taking up text messaging for college campus alerts, especially emergency alerts.  This also includes important reminders such as class registration, payment updates, class cancellations, and events. Penn State University, Leigh University, Tarleton State University, and University of Maryland Baltimore are among the many colleges and universities offering important text message alerts instantly to all students and staff.


Back to School Challenges

As parents, students, faculty, and staff prepare to kick off the 2014-2015 school year, campus security is among the important challenges to prepare for. With the highly publicized school crimes over the past few years – including Sandy Hook Elementary and Virginia Tech – more colleges are offering text messaging for college campus alerts.

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Think about the different ways that your school campus can use text messaging to make it a safer environment. How can we continue to address these issues of bridging a huge campus or even a small one? Please comment below with ideas you may have or places where you’ve seen college campus alerts done well. 3Seventy values the insights of our audience, so we want to hear from you.


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