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Text Messages Boost Bowling Revenues

Text Messages Boost Revenues for Entertainment Venues, Especially Bowling Centers

The arrival of summertime brings with it the tradition of many classic, American outdoor activities: barbecues, pool parties and Fourth of July firework shows. But most people can only take so much sun, and when it Text message marketing, Entertainment, Bowlingbecomes too much they look for fun ways to beat the heat. Bowling centers offer all the necessities for a family summer hangout: air conditioning, food, games and fun. A variety of entertainment options are available to cool off – such as movie theaters and water parks. How can bowling centers convince this eager market to seek shade on their lanes? With the ping of a text message to boost attendance.

Text Message marketing offers bowling alleys the chance to increase traffic and build relationships with consumers at any time of year. By adding text message marketing to your toolkit, you can also instantly send personalized offers and promotions – from free games to discounted pizza, to your customer database. This encourages your target to remember you for their entertainment needs on a regular basis. And mobile website allows people to easily locate your center, view food and game packages and find seasonal deals.

One of the greatest benefits of mobile marketing is the ability to target a variety of demographics, from families to college students to league bowlers. These flexible, affordable mobile tools are easily integrated into your existing marketing strategy and allow you to meet the current needs and goals of your bowling center through custom, targeted messages, from holiday specials to driving traffic on slower days with limited-time discounts. Having a strong mobile presence not only brings in new bowlers, but also grants the opportunity to build relationships with them as well as strengthen existing ones.

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