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Text Message Marketing for Music and Entertainment

Those who work in the music industry strive to create and intensify fandom for a particular entity: a band or musician, record label, venue, festival, etc. Text message marketing for music offers opportunities to engage with potential audiences at any time, from any place.

Engagement Intensifies with Text Message Marketing for Music

Musicians’ desire to cultivate an intimate relationship with fans undoubtedly stems from the need to feel their art is appreciated. But in an age where it’s possible to stream instead of own, to download instead of buy, and to watch the show on YouTube instead of live, this relationship is also vital for facilitating streams of revenue to make creativity financially sustainable. A friendly, relevant text message every so often can connect fans directly to the artists they choose to keep in touch with.

texting_music_blog-218x300Imagine: a quick text from Kings of Leon reminds you they’ll be in Austin this weekend for Austin City Limits Festival and includes a link to Saturday’s schedule. Even if you already knew they’d be at the festival, this message is exciting. You follow the link to plan your day to be at the right stage on time. Maybe they’ll text the week before to ask which song you’d like to see live, with a survey-style response option. The week after, you get a link to pre-order the soon-to-be-released album.

Live-music venues are habitually hit-and-miss when it comes to providing quality customer service. Buying the ticket is a guarantee of attendance, and many times the venue doesn’t care if you know how much drinks are or the order of bands playing. Show-specific reminders can be texted to ticket holders the day before and include an option to respond with keywords for additional information: “DOOR” for what time the doors open; “TIMES” for the set times; and “DRINKS” to see what drink specials to expect. Having this relevant kind of conversation with patrons could increase perception of venue reliability and maintain interest for future events.

There are many incentives for fans to opt-in: getting discounts on or entering SMS contests to win concert tickets, band merchandise, song downloads, food and drinks, VIP passes, etc. By keeping it relevant and more casual than commercial, mobile messaging has the potential to be a great ally to those in the music industry.


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