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Text Message Marketing for Strong Agent-Buyer Relationships

Creating Agent-Buyer Relationship

Good real estate industry professionals want to learn everything they can about the buyer. Determining the long-term goals, finances, and property needs early on ensures a seamless process for both buyer and agent, while also building that agent’s foundation for a loyal client-base for years to come. The agent’s equity as a brand relies in part on the nuances of his or her buyer-agent relationships.

Even the most adept real estate agents know that every listing interview may not lead to a sale. A variety of factors including personality, pricing strategies, experience, and communication speed influence the buyer’s decision-making process. Communicating too slowly with the buyer may leave him or her exposed to the agent’s competition. An agent might go as far as showing numerous properties to a buyer only to learn that the buyer ended up letting another agent write the offer. However, this is not entirely the fault of a good agent, who has many relationships and obligations to juggle with limited time to do so. Nor is it the fault of the buyer, who is not privy to the ins and outs of the real estate business.

Text Message Marketing for Strong Relationships

So, how can a dedicated real estate agent keep leads hot and relationships secure without exhausting time constraints? How about text message marketing for strong relationships?

Mobile phones are in the hands of nearly every 18-30 year old in this country. The ease and speed of communication through text messaging makes the mobile phone an extension of this group’s relational capabilities. This is also the demographic that will be entering the property buying market most rapidly over the course of the next decade. This group is used to hassle-free information with a swipe and a send. They are less likely to dial a number, leave a message, and wait for an answer.

With text marketing, a buyer who sees a “for sale” sign can send a message to an associated number and receive property information immediately.  By taking this technology one step further and allowing for a two-way dialog, the buyer can obtain specific information and answers to key questions. This saves the agent valuable time by pre-qualifying the prospects efficiently. The buyer will be impressed by the convenience of this service, and the first steps to a strong relationship have been forged.

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