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Text Message Marketing Campaigns: Personalized Connection with Customers

Text Message marketing offers a way for companies to make contact with their customers in a highly targeted and personal way. There is a definite advantage to using this method over other methods, such as e-mail or social networking sites. These short, highly targeted text marketing messages are delivered directly to the recipient’s cell phone and are more likely to be read (and ultimately acted upon) than other types of marketing messages.


Create a Personalized Connection with Text Message Marketing Campaigns


Open rates for text messages are a very impressive 97 percent versus an open rate of 5-20% for email.

It is easy to see that SMS marketing has the potential to be a much more effective mobile marketing strategy for getting your message across to buyers. Your business can send out as many messages as it likes, but sending out more messages does not necessarily mean that a higher percentage of your customers will act on them.

If you decide to launch text message marketing campaigns, you will want to develop messages that are relevant to the recipient. Limiting contact to once or twice a week is a good strategy, since sending them more often may be interpreted by the recipient as spam. Make sure your messages are meaningful to the recipient, and you have a much better chance of converting one of the best practices for mobile engagement into action and sales.

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