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Text Marketing Is An Important Tool To Reach College Students

Reaching College Students

College students constantly utilize their mobile devices due to the convenience it provides them while on the go.  A mobile device gives them the ability to have constant access to every aspect of their lives via text messaging, mobile websites and even e-mail. By utilizing a text marketing strategy, universities are able to provide students with last minute class reminders and campus events more easily.

Text Marketing to Students

College Students make up the largest demographic of smartphone users today because they grew up in era where they felt the need to be constantly connected.  Studies have shown that the most popular use of mobile devices among college students are text messaging, with 93% doing this on a regular basis, followed behind with reading emails.

More and more colleges are noticing the need for a mobile strategy to reach current and prospect students. Text marketing integration has become a vital method to connect with students, as universities are beginning to rely on text message software for their emergency alerts system.  Text marketing is not limited to just emergency alerts as they are able to push campus wide reminders for special events and game times of specific sports. The ability for universities to implement mobile strategies is important as it is the fastest and most effective way to reach this specific demographic.

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