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Text Home Buyers to Ease Frustration


Easing Frustration in a Seller’s Market by Text Home Buyers


While buying a new house is exciting, it was also one of the most stressful home purchases I’ve ever made. It was by far a sellers’ market in the hot town of Austin, Texas. It seemed that every night I was looking at MLS for new listings , somehow thinking I had missed something or my real estate agent missed it. I was constantly receiving email notifications of new listings, but it seemed that every time I tried to setup an appointment it was too late. This missed connection puzzled me.  I kept thinking to myself, “do these people ever work? Would I need to take vacation time to actually see the house and not be the 3rd offer these folks are getting on the first day? How can I complete in this market?”

It wasn’t a matter of needing vacation time to view a listing, rather  it was the rate at which I was receiving the listing.  Email is too slow! I receive upwards of 300 emails a day and open roughly 25% of those in the same day – these new listings were getting lost in my inbox. Nearly 97% of text messages are opened in the first three minutes. If my realtor would text home buyers with notifications or used any text marketing , then I would have received listings much faster.  My generation wants to receive information immediately, especially the most vital information. Therefore, providing us the ability to send a text message to get more information about a current listing – price, square footage, neighborhood –  immediately is what we need and are looking for. Instant gratification is what your buyer under age 45 demands.

After the first two flops, I finally got an accepted offer on my 3rd house.  I found an unlisted house that I liked, found out who owned the house and reached out to the owner. After numerous text messages back and forth, the offer was accepted. I wonder how many other buyers in this market are resorting to mobile technology to make deals happen.

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