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Television and Mobile Strategy

If your home is anything like mine you always have your mobile device within arms reach. This is especially true when sitting down to watch a little television. Research shows that 86% of consumers are currently using their mobile device while watching television. With numbers that high it’s clear that content providers need a clear and effective mobile strategy.

Although the possibilities are endless for reaching the end consumer, text marketing is still the best way to reach a full 100% of your target audience. On-screen keywords are a fantastic way to engage your viewers. They take up very little screen real estate and can be used to link too mobile website content, mobile coupons, sweepstakes and mobile loyalty clubs. It’s especially crucial to integrate SMS  into your mobile strategy for younger demographics. Teens often send text messages an average of 100 times per day. By adding text marketing to your television show and ad campaigns you can appeal to this crucial demographic. Teens are not the only ones that benefit from text marketing campaigns. Since text messages don’t require any special type of phone you can engage 100% of all cell phone users with your message.

The future of television and mobile strategy looks even brighter thanks to the influx of augmented reality technology. Imagine being able to hold up your phone and see your favorite reality star standing in your living room giving a rebuttal to one of their costars smack downs. Even imagine the look on your childs face when they are able to see their favorite cartoon characters come to life in their living room. The possibilities are endless and the technology to achieve them is already here.

When you consider that 92% of all adults in the US have a cell phone and 86% of them will have it near by while watching television you can see that having the right mobile strategy is now more crucial than ever before.

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