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Technology Integration Overview

As the sophistication of technology progresses, the more it is incorporated into daily life. Technology integration is everything from a cohesive digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach customers on multiple devices to schools using a learning management systems for seamless integration in classrooms. So, what exactly is it and why does it matter?


What is Technology Integration?

Technology integration is defined as the use of technological resources – devices, applications, networks, etc – in daily practice and management. Simply put, it is the seamless connection between the different software and platforms that we use in business. It is about how various technologies integrate with each other. As of 2015, 68% of U.S adults own a smartphone, which is a sharp increase from the 35% in 2011. Tablet ownership has also increased from 3% in 2010 to 45% in 2015. All while ownership of the humble desktop/laptop has only increased 2% since 2004. So what do these numbers mean for technology integration? Simple, the usage of mobile devices continues to increase and so the need for integration among all of your devices (phone, tablet, and computer) and different types of applications and software increase as well.

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Integration Across Industries

Technology has become such a crucial part of our everyday lives so it’s no surprise that it plays a large part in our work. It’s difficult to find an industry that doesn’t utilize some form of technology integration in how they run. However, some of the largest growth of integration lies in 2 places: service businesses and education.

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Technology and Business Services Goes Hand-in-Hand

In the world of business, the increase of technology is a no-brainer. Integration is vital for for millions of businesses across the country both internally and externally who are delivering a service to their customers – especially a digital service. These service-based businesses are making the process of reaching customers, clients, and audiences more effective by having their CRM connected with their email platform and text messaging platform. The ease and effectiveness of having different systems talk to each other has helped many businesses grow by leaps. Internally, technology integration makes collaboration and communication among staff stronger and better. Employees, like the 37% telecommuters, rely heavily on technology to support and maintain operations.

Integration Betters Education

For education, technology integration has become a necessary tool. Many schools are implementing technology initiatives to both aid in the process of teaching as well as better prepare students for the technological landscape. Technology integration key for the success of education technology, or EdTech, to be successful – both inside and outside of classrooms. Teachers need their LMS to speak with any communication platforms such as Email or SMS to keep information up to date for students and the teachers.


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