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Target Will Be Using QR Codes For Easier Holiday Shopping

It was announced this October that Target will be using QR codes to make shopping for this years hottest toys a breeze. Starting on Oct 14th the stores will feature the 20 hottest toys of the 2012 season on their main isle. Each toy will feature a unique QR code that allows a sneaky parent to quickly scan the toy to purchase and ship to any US location for free. This allows parents to purchase surprise Christmas gifts without having to hide them in the shopping cart. The toy doesn’t even have to be in stock at your local store. You can scan the code on the empty peg and the hottest toys of the season will be on their way to your house. It’s a revolution in holiday shopping. For anyone who has ever had to hunt the toys isles for the year’s hottest items the ease of scanning a code will come as a unique reminder of how mobile technology is making our lives easier. Whether through text messaging, mobile websites, or QR codes, mobile technology is proving to be at the forefront of marketing enhancement strategies.

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