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Mobile Display Advertisers Include 2-Way Text Messaging to Ads

Driving Revenue with Mobile Display Advertisers

I knew that mobile marketing products would continue to develop over time and the latest in cell phone marketing developments offer interesting features that will make this technology more interactive and offer even better value to consumers. Mobile coupons are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and businesses alike, and I can see that this trend will continue now that these special offers can be redeemed directly from the recipient’s mobile phone.


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Caribou Coffee Perks Sign-Up Includes Text Messaging

2-Way Text Messaging

A new development that will help to establish a relationship between the customer and the business is a two-way text message advertising system. Customers cannot only receive text marketing messages from mobile display advertisers, but also respond to them. The text message business marketer then has the opportunity to provide information about special offers and promotions, as well as company information.

A really fun way to use text message campaigns to create interest in a company and its offerings is with a text-to-win feature. The company can use random drawing mobile marketing games as an incentive to encourage mobile users to sign up for the company’s mailing list. This mobile marketing strategy can be an effective one, since it piques the customer’s interest and I can see that many people would be interested in the possibility of winning a prize by playing a game on their handheld device.

As time goes on, I can see that businesses will continue to devise creative ways to interact with customers on the go. Mobile technology is here to stay and it will be interesting to watch how these techniques develop over time.

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Don’t be a Brand Social Bomb, Mobile for True Dialog Conversations

3Seventy Conversations

Everyone has one – a friend you know everything about, from little dramas to health scares, but they know nothing about you.  At times, you may be hesitant to ask how they are doing because you only have 20 minutes before your 2 o’clock meeting. They’ve shown you seventeen versions of the same baby pictures with the Easter bunny, but don’t even know that you have kids too. Sooner or later, you run out of patience, and with reassuring nods you sever the relationship.

One-way conversations are never enjoyable. This is a simple truth that should drive the way businesses market their brand and what they have to offer. A one-way conversation between two people is sometimes unavoidable, the listener must perform under the expectations of what is socially acceptable – smile and nod with some enthusiasm. However, one-way conversations between a person and a business’s marketing tactics are avoidable. In mediums like television, the web, mobile, or the radio the listener has a choice to stay engaged or remove the marketing message.

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Interactive Text Messaging

Consumers are bombarded with advertising messages, so the window of time you have to state your case without being a nuisance and win the hearts of potential customers is limited. Think about the way your business handles advertising. You could be driving customers away with all the “talking at” them.

So how do businesses initiate positive two-way conversations with consumers? Enter mobile marketing. Utilizing text marketing allows businesses to:

  1. Offer mobile coupons and promotions to increase store traffic
  2. Gain insight on their current customers


Only the customers who choose to receive messages from the business will receive messages (100% opt-in). Respecting a consumer’s time and inbox is a small courtesy that goes a long way. Stand out by not forcing yourself into their world, but rather by fitting in. Providing consumers with meaning and valuable content is key to increasing coupon redemption and store traffic as well as building a strong brand image.


Don’t be a brand social bomb, repelling potential customers with one-way communication. Be mindful of how and where you are advertising. Email blasts tend to clog up consumer inbox’s and get lost in the Spam folder. Cold phone calls often go unanswered.  Negative experiences with your brand constructs an idea in consumer’s minds of what your business is to the community. A mobile strategy is an easy and effective way to maintain positive two-way conversations with consumers and ultimately facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between them and your business.

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