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Recruiting Statistics and New Technology

It’s no secret that mobile is constantly changing the realm of business. In fact, 61% of people have a higher opinion about a brand when it offers a positive mobile experience. In such a dynamic landscape, it is important for businesses to stay on top of emerging technology and be aware of how their audience is using it. We’ve gathered key recruiting statistics and outlined how changes in the market are shifting the industry.


Recruiting Statistics

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The recruiting process tends to be a timely process. Great strides in SMS communications have proven to be fruitful for many recruiting and staffing firms. These recruiting statistics reflect those areas of growth.

  • Disregarding those over 45, 43% of job seekers consider recruiters who send SMS to be professional
  • 17% of recruiters use SMS to notify job seekers about an open position
  • 21% of job seekers are using SMS to confirm an interview appointment
  • Recruiter texts sent through SMS software had a 26% response rate compared to the 8% response rate of emails

This increasing connection between recruiters and candidates via SMS is highly beneficial for the emerging millennial workforce. As of 2015, the millennial workforce is the largest generation in the U.S working economy. They are described as being quick paced, innovative, and extremely tech-savvy.


How New Technology is Re-Shaping Recruiting

Knowing all of these key statistics, the recruiting business landscape is making room for more mobile solutions. Whether it is mobile marketing, mobile web design, or SMS for their communications, mobile’s high open rate of 98% is perfect for instant up-to-date communications. Mobile media alone now outranks desktop 51% to 42%. This means that room for new mobile and SMS technologies is expanding. So, how do these new technologies affect recruiting and staffing?


Mobile Video for Recruiting

One of the more trendy aspects in mobile technology is the use of mobile video. Mobile videos are a great way to instantly showcase great business related content. Mobile video ad spend is projected to reach $6 billion by 2018. This comes as no surprise since consumers respond favorably to videos in general. Online videos now account for 50% of mobile traffic. Using mobile videos help you to stand out from other recruiters. As MMS is poised to shape the way businesses communicate, video can now be integrated into your mobile strategy via MMS as well. For standard SMS however, recruiters can text links to view videos on a mobile website such as the company overview, tips for success, and general FAQ videos.


Geo-Targeted SMS

Another emerging mobile technology trend is geo-targeting your SMS messages. Typically, geo-targeting is used by mobile marketers to deliver content to a user-based on their location through a mobile app. However, geo-targeting can also be leveraged through SMS dialog technology to support recruiters with candidates ranging from technophiles and college students to truck drivers. Knowing the zip code or general area that candidates are in helps to shape the way recruiters stay connected throughout the recruiting process. By utilizing geo-targeted SMS, candidates can receive on-the-spot communication from their potential employer as they walk through the door. Transparency is highly favored by job candidates, especially as they begin to narrow down their options.

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Overall, recruiting statistics show that the industry is growing their use of mobile as a dominant communicationmethod in the job market.  Mobile technology is crucial to everyday life and business functionality – especially to the younger, millennial market. It is important for job recruiters to keep up in the fast, dynamic, and mobile world or fear getting left behind.

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Connecting to Millennial Workforce With SMS

As of 2015, the millennial workforce is the largest generation in the U.S working economy . However, 53% of hiring managers say it’s difficult to find and retain new millennial employees. One reason for this large gap is the differences in communication styles. While email remains a popular communication medium for all working generations, Millennials are more skewed towards text message-based communications (MarketingSherpa). This schism between generations can be both frustrating and detrimental to the hiring process.


millennial workforce, recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts, sms interview, sms millennial, millenial workforceSimplify the Hiring Process

SMS-based recruiting and hiring tactics are becoming a lot more common. About 82% of hiring managers believe millennials have very unique skills and are more technologically adept than previous generations. In addition to the staggering 98% open rate, text messaging is a great way for hiring managers to dip into the millennial workforce.

An SMS hiring strategy provides the immediacy that millennials are accustomed to while taking away some of the burden for the hiring company. By enabling text message notifications, details about an open position, scheduling, and FAQs can be handled at a much faster pace.

Bridge the Communication Gap with the Millennial Workforce

So, now that you’ve hired millennials for your company, what’s next? How are you going to maintain an open line of communication?

39% of millennials say that having a great working relationship with coworkers is a priority. Not only is SMS important for hiring millennials, it’s also important for staying connected with them. Consider making the inter-office communication easier by using an SMS dialog campaign – creating collaboration, information sharing, and operations instantaneous. 86% of millennials see themselves as adaptable and nothing caters to fostering that adaptability like instantaneous SMS communications.

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The millennial workforce continues to grow, and it is up to innovative companies to be ready for the change in processes and communications. Tapping into this pool of talent can seem daunting – especially since there is a 72% chance millennials are open to change, more so than the 28% for other generations. Stay ahead in both the hiring and communication process by allowing millennials a home-field advantage. SMS is a great bridge for integrating the millennial workforce into your company or organization.


Sources: Pew Research, Elance o-Desk,

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Interview Operations for Staffing Agencies

The interview process is probably the most important step for both staffing agencies and job candidates. Scheduling the interview, checking in, the interview itself, and follow-up can all be extremely stressful. Staffing agencies need to be in peak form for the onslaught of scheduling and interview operations. Thankfully, a lot of the work can be accomplished using an SMS technology to support your tactical plans.


Schedule With SMSinterview operations, recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts, sms interview

Scheduling interviews can be a challenge – especially if the candidate has multiple opportunities and the client has limited windows of availability. For staffing agencies, supporting candidates so that they are properly scheduled for interviews is integral for both the success of the candidate and maintaining good relations with the hiring company. An easy way to simplify interview operations is coordinating schedules using text messaging. Staffing agencies can easily allow candidates to select interview times via SMS, as well as send text reminders about upcoming interviews. By automating this process, it reduces the margin of scheduling errors.

Allowing candidates to check-in before an interview using their mobile phones helps you stay abridge of their status. When staffing agencies send out an interview reminder text, they can also include a follow-up message asking candidates to confirm their attendance. By having real-time confirmation with SMS, staffing agencies avoid wasting the hiring company’s time with no-show applicants. Since these no-shows would be documented on the staffing agency’s system, it aids in siphoning out the “frequently flaky” candidates.


Interview Operations Using SMS

Prepping for an interview is a nerve-wracking task for most job seekers. During this time, staffing agencies may be swamped with questions about the logistics, tips, and techniques. An easy way to provide interviewing resources to job candidates is by mobilizing the hiring / interview FAQs. Send out tips via SMS periodically, or create triggered messages that are sent the day of a candidate’s interview. This cuts down on time spent on answering general questions so that  more time is spent on finding new candidates, in-depth interview questions or training.interview operations, recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts, sms interview

58% of employers don’t communicate to applicants about how long the interviewing process will take (Career Builder). That means, in addition to being stressful, interviewing can cost a lot of time and money. This could be detrimental to the staffing agency’s reputation. Those who work hard to place the right candidates in the right jobs may get public whiplash from reviews. Armed with mobile tools however, staffing agencies can ease the burden of interview operations on both themselves and their candidates.


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SMS Makes Recruiting More Efficient

As of November 2015, job openings in the U.S were hovering around 5.4 million. For many, recruiting is done with the help of staffing agencies which hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees per year. With such a high volume of applicants, efficiency is key for managing the recruiting process. By integrating SMS, applicants and staffing agency employees can ease the process and make recruiting more efficient.


SMS Alerts

Timing is everything in this industry, so staying up-to-date on new opportunities is crucialrecruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts. One approach used to shorten the leg work among the hiring company, staffing agency, and the applicant, is automated SMS Alerts. Using an SMS gateway, your agency can send out triggered alerts when jobs pertaining to the applicant’s skillset (setup as filters) are available.

By setting up these SMS alerts, staffing agency employees spend less time reaching out to potential applicants, and more time searching for new opportunities. Since SMS has a 99% open rate and email has just 20%, you will get faster responses to those job orders and a higher volume of potential applicants.


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FAQs Go Mobile

recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alertsWhile job hunting, applicants have tons of questions for you – from the basic how-to questions to the job-specific ones. While in-depth questions about a job are necessary for an applicant and staffing agency to discuss, frequently asked questions can be diverted to a self-directed resource. Staffing agencies can set up a landing page for applicants that is responsive to answer general questions. And you can include a link to this page not only in emails, but also in any text message exchanges with applicants. The more ways information is made available, the more likely someone is to utilize it. In addition to saving time, you are providing an instant way to get questions answered that is most convenient for applicants.


Recruiting More Efficient Than Ever


For those recurring questions that are standard for qualifying candidates, there’s an easier way. Recruiting is more efficient when you can use a SMS dialog campaign. If you have a group of 10 potential candidates for one job order, but know that there is a specific request from the client about a skill requirement – such as knowing JavaScript – then you can push out a broadcast text message to those applicants for an instant response. The dialog SMS allows applicants to reply to your question, whether it’s multiple choice, open response and a yes/no. This allows you to quickly filter out those best suited for the job order and more forward.

SMS is a smart solution for staffing agencies to best help their job candidates and clients. By reducing the distance between the hiring company, staffing agency, and applicant, filling positions can be done in a more timely fashion. Time is crucial for the job filling process. The faster things move, then recruiting becomes more efficient and everyone is happier.


Sources: American Staffing Agency

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