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Text Marketing Preferred Over Downloadable Apps

As the number of smartphone users increases, retailers are using mobile marketing techniques to reach out to their customer base more than ever. According to a recent study conducted by Cellit, retailers have found that the immediacy of text messaging has a greater appeal to its customers than that of a downloadable App.

Text Marketing Preferred 

While mobile apps are fun and interactive, text marketing preferred among many retailers and brands for it’s immediacy and high redemption rates with special offers. Retailers are making the most of text marketing is by including special offers. Customers can take advantage of these mobile-only coupons immediately. Some retailers include mobile coupons or other forms of text marketing to have a limited validation (for a certain number of days), and this encourages the customer to redeem it immediately.  These mobile coupons create a sense of urgency that a paper coupon simply does not have.

A customer is less likely to see and use a coupon that is provided through the traditional means of distribution.  This particular method requires the perusal and clipping of coupons, remembering to grab it before leaving for the store and then remembering to provide it to the cashier during checkout. Electronic offers and mobile coupons simplify this process for the customer and increase the coupon redemption rate for the retailer, ultimately boosting in store traffic and sales.

Getting up and running with a text messaging program is faster and more affordable than an app. It’s yet another reason why brands and retailers are turning to text service providers like 3Seventy.


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Best Practices for Mobile Engagement Focuses on Building Relationships

When I think about best practices for mobile engagement, the word “relationships” comes to mind. This form of mobile marketing allows companies to reach out to customers and connect with them directly to their handheld devices. To me, this implies a more personal relationship than putting an advertising message on a billboard or handing out brochures.
Instead, the text message is one that is more personal in nature. Mobile engagement marketing and other cell phone marketing messages can be sent to targeted groups with offers and other information that they will find interesting. Used properly, this mobile marketing strategy has the potential to increase sales and foster customer loyalty.
Like any good relationship, mobile engagement marketing needs to develop over time to work out well for both parties involved. The business will need to conduct itself in a respectful manner if it wants to keep the customer engaged.
Sending out text message advertising at a rate of one or two per month is a great way to keep the company name firmly focused in the customer’s mind while ensuring that the customer doesn’t feel bombarded with SMS text marketing messages. I think that another important factor to keep in mind when sending out mobile marketing messages is that the customer should be receiving offers that are not only relevant, but also limited to a certain amount of time. Having a clear call to action in your mobile engagement platform is an important part of getting the recipient of the text message to visit the business or place an order.

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The New Sweet Spot? Text Message Marketing to College Demographic

According to a recent Nielsen report, if a brand wants to reach young mobile users aged 18-24, they need to do so via text  messaging. This current demographic is within arms reach of their phone at all times of the day and sending nearly 1,700 text messages monthly.  However, if businesses do not take into account the user habits of this particular demographic then what appears to be a successful campaign could easily fail.
SMS messaging is a great way to reach consumers to build brand awareness and increase overall engagement, rather than a means to make sales pitches.  This demographic is more likely to opt-out if they feel they are trying to be sold on a product or business rather than informed.  Therefore, companies will want to build a relationship with these customers by using SMS messaging to inform customers about products, pricing, specials, and exclusive offers for mobile users.
In order to engage this demographic you must keep the messages clear and simple.  College students are not interested in lengthy messages that provide them little benefits.  Use simple language and universal text shortcuts to avoid ambiguity and get your point across easily.
And lastly, a business can make better use of the SMS campaign if they integrate two-way SMS communication.  This way, brands can go beyond awareness to create dialogues with their customers, increasing loyalty significantly. Don’t just push messages at consumers but pull messages as well.

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Best Methods of Mobile Engagement

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular among brands, and businesses must adopt best practices in order to reach customers with meaningful mobile messaging. The best practices for mobile engagement focus on people, instead of processes that keep track of transactions and various types of records. It involves a lot more than simply making a screen available to buyers and calling it a mobile app; instead, the hallmark of this type of technology is that it involves two-way interaction between the customer and the business systems and is one of the best methods of mobile engagement.
Mobile marketing is increasingly focused on the customer’s location, and this makes for an immediate, relevant interaction with the buyer from where they are at a set time.  This type of system allows a business to anticipate, and then meet, its customer’s needs in a much more efficient manner.
In a sense, I can see that this type of mobile marketing was developed from the idea of placing impulse items near a cash register at a retail store. The retailer is trying to interest the buyer in adding on something to his or her order, and having that person make an in-the-moment decision. Mobile marketing works the same way, since businesses can present offers and suggest alternative or add-on products by sending messages to the buyer’s smart phone or tablet at just the right moment. This trend is likely to continue, since the number of smartphone users in the US and worldwide continues to rise.

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