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Next Step for Mobile: Make Coupons Scannable

Make Coupons Scannable
I know that for many consumers, clipping coupons is a fact of modern life. Most people would say that being able to save money on the products they buy is a good thing. Issuing coupons also encourages buyers to try new products being introduced to the market. Mobile coupons are starting to become more popular with buyers, and for good reason: they are easy to distribute and don’t take up space in a person’s wallet or pocket.
All-digital coupons will be the next step in bringing these savings vehicles to consumers. The buyer would simply show his or her smart phone to the cashier, who would then scan the coupon with a handheld device. The information would be immediately credited to the consumer, in the same manner that a paper coupon is scanned.
I can see businesses using mobile coupons in conjunction with their other digital marketing efforts to reach out to buyers in a highly targeted way. Rather than go to the time and expense of printing off a run of coupons, which may or may not reach the companies target market, this method is a more environmentally friendly way to go and will put special offers in front of people who are interested in the message.
Using fully scannable coupons is something that I think we will see more of going forward. A strategy like this is very likely to boost sales for a company, while keeping costs in line.

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Mobile Marketing Encourages Buyers to Make Decisions Quickly

Mobile marketing is a new method of reaching out to potential buyers and encouraging buyers in-store. To be successful, the message needs to be delivered to consumers at the right time and in a manner that will encourage them to take action. I can see that businesses using mobile marketing strategies need to adapt the message they are relaying to make it relevant to consumers on the go.
This type of marketing approach is very much location-based. Mobile messages can be delivered to consumers instantly, and can be targeted so that they are not only relevant to the consumers’ needs and interests, but to where the recipient is at the time of receipt.
Another advantage to mobile marketing is that it can be interactive. I understand that modern consumers want to be able to have a relationship with the businesses that are selling products and services to them. Marketing opportunities that engage buyers are more likely to lead to increased revenues for the company.
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Making a connection with the consumer when he or she is inside the store and open to making a decision encourages buyers to take action immediately. Give them relevant information, special offers, and digital coupons to move activity faster. This type of marketing approach is more likely to turn a browser or an undecided consumer into someone who wants to make an immediate decision. The messages are immediate and targeted, which makes mobile marketing a powerful tool for modern businesses.

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