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USE CASE: SMS for Recruitment and Job Postings

Recruiters and Hiring Managers are sending up-to-the-minute job postings to keep up with the market.

SMS for recruitment has become key. The job market has improved slowly over the past 7 years. A big change over this time period is the technology we use to communicate and how job postings are found. First of all, consider these statistics:


64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind. 

10% of Americans own a smartphone, but do not have broadband at home. Compared with smartphone owners who are less reliant on their mobile devices, these smartphone-dependent users are less likely to own some other type of computing device

43% of smartphone owners are looking up job information.  (Source: Pew Research)

sms for recruitment, Pew Internet Research, Smartphone Use 2015, Mobile Infographic, Mobile Research, More than SMS

One of the big advantages of using SMS is timelines – your ability to reach an individual fast and efficiently with the right information. Many human resources professionals and recruiters are leveraging SMS to reach today’s generation of mobile-first candidates.


Pain Point

For those recruiters working in the field, it’s important to stay in touch with candidates. And sending real-time information about job openings is key to getting the best candidates, but the average email takes up to 48 hours before someone will read it. And so many young people are living a low-income life style that limits their internet usage.


Mobile Tool

Triggered SMS Alerts using an SMS API helps to address these issues. You can integrate whatever systems you use for contact management and tracking with your SMS platform using an SMS API. When you make this integration, you can setup different rules to triggering text messages to be sent. For example, “if a job opening with the title Software Development in this zip code pops up, then send a message to these phone numbers.”


Use Case

One company learned that using triggered SMS messages in conjunction with other recruitment activities such as campus job fairs, online job postings, and campus interviews can be very effective when setup with the right parameters (through an SMS API). Using SMS in this kind of situation is a way to start the conversation between a recruiter or employer and the prospective employee or intern.

The right SMS platform allows you to get plenty of information up-front using SMS. 3Seventy calls this 3Seventy – the ability to have a seamless threaded conversation via text message. It is a pretty powerful tool when used to it’s fullest extent.

While SMS recruitment has proven to be effective for many companies and organizations, it’s important to remember that SMS campaigns are best used to create awareness and prequalify quality candidates. SMS campaigns are not meant to replace your traditional channels of communication with prospective candidates, rather it is a way to enhance and improve the overall experience.


Ways Recruiters and Hiring Managers Can Leverage SMS Campaigns:

  • Create Awareness using SMS recruitment alerts with job postings
  • Prequalify Candidates using SMS 3Seventy surveys
  • Have direct communication with candidates for scheduling interviews
  • Making the connection with the mobile-first generation easy


Text Message Marketing for Strong Agent-Buyer Relationships

Creating Agent-Buyer Relationship

Good real estate industry professionals want to learn everything they can about the buyer. Determining the long-term goals, finances, and property needs early on ensures a seamless process for both buyer and agent, while also building that agent’s foundation for a loyal client-base for years to come. The agent’s equity as a brand relies in part on the nuances of his or her buyer-agent relationships.

Even the most adept real estate agents know that every listing interview may not lead to a sale. A variety of factors including personality, pricing strategies, experience, and communication speed influence the buyer’s decision-making process. Communicating too slowly with the buyer may leave him or her exposed to the agent’s competition. An agent might go as far as showing numerous properties to a buyer only to learn that the buyer ended up letting another agent write the offer. However, this is not entirely the fault of a good agent, who has many relationships and obligations to juggle with limited time to do so. Nor is it the fault of the buyer, who is not privy to the ins and outs of the real estate business.

Text Message Marketing for Strong Relationships

So, how can a dedicated real estate agent keep leads hot and relationships secure without exhausting time constraints? How about text message marketing for strong relationships?

Mobile phones are in the hands of nearly every 18-30 year old in this country. The ease and speed of communication through text messaging makes the mobile phone an extension of this group’s relational capabilities. This is also the demographic that will be entering the property buying market most rapidly over the course of the next decade. This group is used to hassle-free information with a swipe and a send. They are less likely to dial a number, leave a message, and wait for an answer.

With text marketing, a buyer who sees a “for sale” sign can send a message to an associated number and receive property information immediately.  By taking this technology one step further and allowing for a two-way dialog, the buyer can obtain specific information and answers to key questions. This saves the agent valuable time by pre-qualifying the prospects efficiently. The buyer will be impressed by the convenience of this service, and the first steps to a strong relationship have been forged.

Text Business Application: Mobile Polling and Surveys

Text Business Application


After browsing the latest in mobile applications, I found a new  text message business application that allows companies to keep in touch with customers and gather information, which can be used for marketing or other purposes. A business can send out messages at intervals to customers who have opted in to its mailing list to answer multiple choice or open-ended questions and engage in mobile polling.

Text Business Application, Text Message Marketing

This strategy is being used in the medical field by instrument manufacturers and drug companies to interact with physicians. The answers are used to form part of physician interviews or to gather statistical information.

Businesses that choose to use text to gather information from customers have the advantage of being able to gather information quickly. Using other methods, such as e-mail or regular mail marketing, would take longer to get a response from customers.

The advantage that I can see to using text messages in this way is that these types of messages are much more likely to be opened by customers, which means that the business will get a much higher response rate than with other types of marketing techniques. Businesses need to keep track of customer likes and dislikes to ensure that they are offering the right kinds of products and services, and using text can be an effective way to gather this important information. To encourage customers to respond to the messages, the company could enter their names into a draw for a prize or offer some other type of incentive.

This is an excellent tool for small group messages. If you are thinking about building a large detailed database of contacts for a loyalty program or VIP club, then you should be in contact with a Tier 1 Text Service Provider about setting that up.

QR Codes on Business Cards Give Job Seekers Advantage

As QR codes increase in popularity, I am impressed when I see them used creatively or outside of the norm. I recently discovered a new trend, where job seekers can use QR codes in their business cards to gain an advantage over the competition. These QR codes on business cards are added by printer. The prospective employer then scans it and immediately sees the job seeker’s LinkedIn profile or online resume.

This strategy will make the candidate stand out from other job seekers. A certain number of people will scan the QR code out of simple curiosity. Once this happens, the person who has received the business card gains access to information needed to determine whether to invite the candidate for a personal interview. At the very least, a job seeker has a better chance of having his or her qualifications reviewed by someone who is able to provide an employment opportunity.

I can see how this strategy would benefit someone working in the marketing field. It can open up a discussion about how QR codes on business cards could help the employer reach its goals. The job applicant is in a perfect position to make a case for the idea that he or she is the right person to be involved in it. Anything that can help a job seeker stand out from the crowd in a positive way is something that should be encouraged

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