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API-First Development

What is API-First?

API first development prioritizes building well-designed, architected and robust APIs before building the applications that consume them or a platform for using them. 

More companies are choosing an API-first approach to development where the design, implementation, and documented happen before the application is launched. This approach treats the API user as the primary user of your application first.


Why API-First Development Works

The API-first strategy allows the website and applications to be built on top of the same basic conditions, which means you have greater flexibility. For resellers of a software product who want to white label your technology, the API-first approach makes implementation much smoother.  It helps to focus on the design of the architecture first, rather than on the presentation. And that enforces a complete, responsive, and well-documented API.

“Over the past decade their have been a number of different web development paradigms. As the craft of web development has evolved, so have the ways of designing and structuring software architecture. API-First design is an approach to software development that emphasizes building components of your application as APIs.” – Mashape

Why API-First for an SMS Platform?

Built API Strong

APIs are, in many ways, the building blocks of our digital economy. An SMS API is no different, in this way, from other software systems.  There are many moving parts to SMS management technology. It needs to be easily broken down into its parts so that developers can understand, program, and maintain the system. With this in mind, API-first design is like a formal separation of the front end from the back end. The platform can interact with the backend through a well defined SMS API. By separating data from system logic and logic from presentation, the code architecture is stronger and it reduces problems.


Flexibility with Multiple Data Sources

Modern web practices allow us to connect multiple APIs to make a powerful system move fast. And as needs change, so can the platform. If you are switching to a new CRM system, then it is updated by simply updating, adding or removing an API call. Smart customers are demanding for all of web products to have web-based services or RESTful [representational state transfer] APIs in and out of them to address this need.


3Seventy’s SMS Platform

Built with an API-first development strategy, 3Seventy’s SMS API and SMS platform use a RESTful API. With more than 47 endpoints in this SMS API, clients and resellers can leverage all of the functions of the platform in collaboration with other platform – integration is easy.

Deep Linking in Mobile

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking connects a unique url on a web search to a specific page in a mobile app or mobile website, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.  This solution lets ads see whether consumers already has a specific app on their phones; and when the user clicks the ad, it directs the user to a specific page within the existing app to make a purchase.

For instance, a consumer is searching for a new backpack for back to school shopping on her phone’s browser. The consumer already has the specific department store’s app installed on her phone that she see’s advertised, when she clicks the ad it will bring her to the backpack section within the store’s app or to a specific sale page for that product.

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How Does Deep Linking Work?

A mobile developer can install a custom url scheme to point the mobile browser towards a specific page when a particular action is taken, such as clicking the link. For mobile advertising, this custom url will likely point towards the correct mobile website landing page for a product or service offering. Things a little more complicated when you link to an app.

“Enabling deeplinking for a mobile application will allow you to invoke deeplinks that open an app and launch specific, defined screens within the app, such as the homepage, product pages, and shopping cart, much as you would on a website.” Read more about mobile deep linking.

Why is Deep Linking Is Useful?

Greater engagement takes precedent over database size for the savvy mobile marketers. Companies are attempting to overcome the switch from mobile to desktop for purchases. The best use of deep linking helps to circumnavigate the need for consumers to search again for another product they want or bounce out to their desktop and break the connection with your brand. The primary reason that deep linking has such value is  because it allows advertisers to direct customers to their pages via targeted ads (plus track the success).


Mobile Marketing “Opt-In” Option

Interestingly enough, SMS marketing by its very nature is an an opt-in marketing service. So concerns about marketing tactics such as the intrusiveness of deep linking (as perceived by some) is completely avoided. Users must opt in to your SMS program, so they not only expect targeted content from you but see something of value from your company. When a consumer wants to receive marketing collateral, then you have completed the same possible process as you could with the deep linking but without the extra coding work by a developer and without an “invasive” technology.

Mobile technology presents so many great opportunities for the marketing of your company. If you carefully approach each mobile tool and consider the best uses first, then there’s an enormous opportunity to meet your consumers needs and desires while also protecting consumer trust.




More Efficient Work Environment with Mobile

Making Your Operations More Efficient Work with Mobile

The mini computer in your pocket (smartphone) can help your employees to work faster and be productive while on-the-go.  This is a leap in our technical capabilities from 5 or 10 years ago, but how can you leverage this development for the operations of your company?


A company that specializes in improving their clients’ operations has a project that requires them to identify and match mobile devices using their software and text messaging. The result of this project is common end-user inventory (aka – who has what mobile phone, where, and does he or she still work for your company?).  More Efficient with Mobile , Mobile device management

Through the use of a text messaging platform and integrated web forms, this client can easily attack this project head-on. Any devices currently part of their inventory will be identified by sending a text or email with dynamic messaging (personalization) to the end user.  Both the text and the email will include unique links that pre-populate the web forms based on contact information entered into the company’s platform.


What are other ways that you can make your company work more efficiently using mobile tools?


Developers Don’t Take Holidays

“Labor Day… is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” – US Dept of Labor

Do You Really Take Holidays?

This holiday was birthed in the 1880’s, during a time when unions and trade groups fought for their rights. The workforce has changed significantly over the past 130 years. More workers are web based, and not part of unions or trade groups groups. Developers seem to work no matter what day of the week, and they often work during off-peak office hours. These dedicated workers rarely pause to honor themselves and the hard work they put in each day.  Taking a holiday often means missing a deadline or not making money if you are a consultant.

Take a Holiday on Monday

Maybe on this Labor Day, developers can create a new way to celebrate the holiday – by doing something they love and enjoy. I asked around the offices about what all of our awesome developers like to do when they do have some free time. Naturally, I heard a few comments about not touching a laptop and another about relaxing by the pool. A few chose to try out new video games like the newest update to Legend of Zelda. Another developer told me that he will take some time to tinker with some side projects he’s been meaning to play around with. I might work on my circuit board from Def Con now that I will have some time away from work for a day.

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What will you be doing this holiday weekend?

Want something to tinker with?   3Seventy just made the texting API available as a 30 day trial.


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