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How SMS Manages Quick Service Restaurant CRM

Customer engagement is one of the most crucial aspects for running a successful quick service restaurant (QSR). Once a business overcomes the hurdle of building  a clientele, a good customer relationship management (CRM) system can help maintain repeat business and provide valuable feedback for the business owner. So, what is the best way to go about management? One of the best CRM channels for many QSRs and fast casual restaurants (FCs) is SMS.

A Text Can Pull Customers Back Into Your StoreCRM, customer management, sms marketing, mobile marketing, mobile coupon

One of the easiest ways to get customers to make a repeat purchase is by enticing them with coupons. SMS  text in programs can be easily incorporated  into a variety of different marketing materials persuade customers to join your mobile club. Let’s imagine that you own a local pizza place. You want to build your customer database by promoting special deals to encourage customers to make a repeat purchase. Utilizing SMS, customers can text in a unique keyword, like PIZZA, to a designated shortcode. From there, they can receive a unique coupon code that they can redeem in your store for a salad or appetizer with their next pizza purchase. This special keyword can be shared among all your marketing channels, like social media, radio, or Groupon, to make a cohesive marketing experience.

SMS Simplifies Continuous CRM

Once customer relationships are built, it is important to retain them. It is difficult for many businesses to find that sweet spot for maintaining customer relations. On one hand they don’t want to be too overbearing, but they also don’t want to be forgettable. SMS can provide a great solution to maintain profitable customer retention among QSRs. It not only provides direct communication to customers, it also simplifies the entire CRM process. An SMS coupon campaign can be used to deliver weekly or monthly specials and get customers to come back. For example, Chipotle’s mobile club texts their members about 1-2 times a month offering BOGO entrees or other free items with next purchase. Since it is only twice a month, it is not overwhelming for their customers and provides incentive for people to make keep making repeat purchases.



SMS for Recruiting Webinar

SMS has gained significant momentum in the realm of recruiting and staffing agency operations. With over 14 million contract and temporary hires per year, staffing agencies are an integral piece to filling the 5.4 million U.S job openings. During the webinar today, we will cover a variety of topics relating to SMS for recruiting, staffing agency operations, and improving brand positioning in the market place. Today’s recruiting webinar will cover 3 main points:

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1. Improve Professional SMS Etiquette

About 25% of marketers use SMS with 65% reporting that it is “very successful”. As SMS expands in professional settings, it is important to maintain proper SMS etiquette.

2. Explore SMS Strategies for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies deal in a very time sensitive industry. In this recruiting webinar, we will explore a case study in which a staffing agency utilized their SMS database to increase candidate satisfaction. This will demonstrate a real-life example of how SMS is bettering staffing agency operations.

3.  Building Brand Trust

Being tech-savvy is now a major component of positive brand image. Candidates are more likely to flock to brands that incorporate relevant, modern technology in their business practices. This not only increases communications, but increases candidates’ trust.

This staffing webinar will be extremely beneficial for recruiters and staffing agencies – learning how SMS can be a viable tool for operations and professional communication. Staffing agencies armed with this information can stay ahead of the curve in both candidate satisfaction and millennial retention. Join us for our SMS Recruiting Webinar today at 1PM CST / 11AM PST for to explore these topics and more.


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Mobile Automation in 2016

What is Mobile Automation?

Simply put, mobile automation uses system integration to deliver more powerful SMS conversations. Mobile marketing automation (MMA) is when a a system takes your marketing SMS information (databases, campaigns, etc.) and helps you siphon the right message to the right person.  When your business is ready to take your mobile marketing to the next step, mobile automation helps ease the transition in addition to boosting effective engagement with “sense and respond” technology.


Where is Mobile Automation Used Today?

Mobile automation gives your company the ability to deliver higher-impact messages to your contact database. This allows businesses to play with a host of options to diversify their mobile marketing portfolio. Most notably, automation helps businesses build a larger and more engaged customer database. Nearly 86% of early adopting app publishers reported success in using MMA, citing significant increases in both engagement and retention. Not only are you getting more people, but more of the right people are getting your marketing SMS messages and they are more effective. You want to turn curious consumers into your customers.

mobile automation, sms marketing, mobile predictions, mobile marketing, sms strategy

Seamless interactions are crucial for properly conducting your mobile marketing. To make sure that your customer database is receiving the right message at the right time, a seamless integration is key. Automation is a great way to link your mobile application, app push notifications, mobile website, and your SMS campaigns. Use automation in your mobile marketing to gather information about your customer’s habits so that the most effective messages are sent to that customer.


Where Mobile Automation is Going in 2016mobile automation, sms marketing, mobile predictions, mobile marketing, sms strategy

Remember the 3 L’s of real estate? Location, specifically geo-targeting, is taking off in all aspects of mobile marketing for 2016. For mobile automation, this means that your business can gain the ability to seek out a customer in your database, access their location, and send out the best message to drive them to make a purchase.

Perhaps you are a small, local tax preparation firm in a strip mall with other businesses. When tax time comes around, an automated SMS message will be sent to your customer database in the strip mall to remind them to stop by and get their taxes done.


The use of mobile automation will only be getting bigger. Businesses are finding an increasing number of uses to enact a mobile automation system. Everything from HR management to mobile commerce has a place for incorporating automation into the SMS messaging strategy. The big takeaways are:

  1.  Using mobile automation is an effective way to grow and maintain your customer database. Automation helps to get the best message to the right people.
  2. Mobile automation is helpful for a variety of needs and industries. It has great integration potential and crosses over many mobile platforms.


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Empowering Consumers to Empower Brands

empowering consumers, mobile marketing, personalized text message

Empowering Consumers

Everyone likes to feel empowered. In marketing, empowering the target of a campaign is a fantastic method to persuade that target to buy your brand or to keep them loyal. The term “empowered-consumer” should not be feared by businesses. Instead, they should be cultivated and tapped into as a valuable sales-boosting resource. Empowering consumers can create a legion of enthusiastic Tweeting, Facebook sharing, smartphone-wielding evangelists for your brand.

We are living in the age of virality, where the buzz around a brand happens overnight on the Internet. It happens when your Facebook friends share a funny commercial during the Super Bowl. It happens when a hashtag promotion starts trending on Twitter. Harnessing this new type of marketing should be at the top of every marketer’s To-Do list. The consumer is usually socializing on his or her own accord, so how can marketers engage them to take part in this inadvertent advertising?

Empower the Brand

Person-to-person marketing is nothing new. Advertising on social networks is no longer new either. In order to adapt, marketers can combine these two methods by engaging consumers with their social networks, especially the consumers already familiar or loyal to a brand, from the device they love most – their smartphone.

Here are a few examples of how businesses can empower their customers through their smartphones:

  • Make it democratic. The best way to empower someone is to show them that their opinion matters. Give customers something to vote on, like a new product, promotion, or slogan, and ask them to share the business’s web-poll with their social networks. Have them text-in and deliver real time results. Majority rules, so the customer will want their pick to get as many votes as possible.
  • Make it free, or at least seem free. In order for this technique to work, it should only apply to the brand’s target market or brand loyalists. Try offering this group something free in exchange for sharing a link on Facebook or forwarding a text coupon promotion to 5 friends.
  • Make it a game. Similar to making an offer seem free, turning it into a game or contest for a loyal customer to win empowers that person. In the context of mobile marketing, this might be a call-to-action for a customer to get their friends to text in a keyword to a short code so that the customer wins a gift card.
  • Make it theirs. Once a brand’s product is off the shelf and in the hands of the customer, it is theirs. Ask a customer to snap a picture with their new product and upload it to their social network, like Instagram, along with a specialized hashtag.

Panasonic eXConnect Sponsors Inflight Mobile Tweetathon

inflight mobile, mobile and travel,

An Inflight Mobile Connection

“Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to stow away your portable electronics: iPads, iPods, iPhones, and iBabies.” Light laughter flows throughout the cabin and the flight attendant continues, “We will be pushing back from the gate shortly.”

Afterward the usual flight safety talk, I shoot a quick text message under the nose of an attendant while keeping an eye on her and making sure she doesn’t move too quickly. In an unfortunate and unforeseen moment, we exchange eye contact and I quickly shut off my phone and wonder if my ride home has been confirmed.

Flight attendants may be faced with more resistance from passengers like me when it comes to shutting off their mobile devices with the growing popularity of airborne wireless connectivity. On April 8th, Panasonic eXConnect, an inflight mobile provider, launched a Tweetathon aboard 6 planes flying over 5 different countries. Passengers were encouraged to tweet as many times as they could during the flight about menus, flight status, pictures, and thoughts while hash-tagging #High5Live in their posts. The Tweetathon occurred on five different airlines over the course of five hours, and resulted in 650 tweets, accumulating over 4 million impressions. Participants primarily used their mobile smartphones to take part in the event.

Many agree that the ever-expanding possibilities of mobile technology have reached aviation’s doorstep. Wireless internet has been available in-flight for a few years, but now in-flight wireless internet is coupled with natural impulse of mobile phone use extends our mobile activities in the sky too – mobile apps for social media, search through mobile websites and mobile apps to play games.  David Bruner, Panasonic’s Vice President of Global Communications, marks the event a “tipping point in global communications.” A tipping point that has been long coming… 35,000 feet and a few scary flight attendants is no obstacle to those who wish to stay connected with their friends and family on the ground.

Keep the Conversation Going Post-Season Messaging to Football Fans

I have always wondered how NFL teams stay connected with their fans during the post-season. Five months is a long time to not communicate with your team’s fan base. Rather than disappearing for a long period of time, teams should use the off-season to try new promotions and ideas.

Keep the Conversation Going with Text

In 2012, several teams began using text message marketing and launching mobile websites. The Washington Redskins and the Carolina Panthers both began text marketing programs to drive fan engagement. More recently, the Tampa Bay Bucaneers announced plans for a text-to-win and text-to-vote program. These teams and several others are engaging their fans throughout the season with game-day information, team updates, sweepstakes campaigns and more using mobile marketing tools including text messaging and mobile websites. But what will happen after February 3rd?

My suggestion for NFL teams is to keep the conversation going. For the teams already engaging fans using text messaging, you can develop an SMS calendar with special promotions on merchandise and post-season events. Use the spring and summer for recruiting new fans to join your mobile club too. For the teams not yet using sms marketing, this is your chance to build up a mobile database and then kick off next season strong. Try running a text sweepstakes to win signed merchandise or a special meet and greet event. Collect names from fans who want to get seat upgrades and other VIP treatment.

While some teams may take the summer off, your team can stay connected with your loyal fans with just one text message campaign per month. Your mobile marketing can be that simple, but still highly effective.

Mobile Increases Convenience For Online Dating

Mobile Increases Convenience, Youth Text Marketing, online dating My parents once knew a couple that had met on an online dating site. But back then that wasn’t common and many made up elaborate stories of how they really met in an attempt to hide the truth. Today the dating world has completely changed.  As a majority of the ways we communicate and network with people has shifted to technology, so has the dating world. Many young individuals who would partake in the dating scene are too wrapped up with work to have time to step away from their fast-paced lives to mingle with others face-to-face.

With our dependency on technology and our constant need to be plugged in, evolving media has made it easy to stay connected.

So what does this all mean for the online dating world? Mobile Increases Convenience! 

A mobile presence is something that all online dating sites should have already considered in the New Year.  Online dating sites need to expand their capabilities to continue to provide ease and convenience to the end users.  With our busy schedules we rarely find ourselves sitting at a desktop computer perusing sites; for the first time, mobile searches have surpassed that of desktop searches. Working mobile websites with login functions for the user to peruse the site and be alerted of new likes is the ground level of a mobile marketing presence for online dating sites.  Those that want to get the most from mobile marketing need to integrate text marketing into their current channels. Having a number directly linked to the users profile allows someone interested to push a message directly to their phone for immediate interaction and results. It has the ability to impact the end user instantly and would continue to draw in new users monthly.

The capabilities of a mobile presence go beyond a true mobile website and pushes deep into the realm of two-way text marketing.  Online dating sites need to implement such mobile strategies so they can continue to provide convenience for the user.  Convenience, the number one reason why the user began online dating in the first place.

To all the online dating websites – please do the busy singles a favor and keep us in the loop with mobile marketing.

Good Mobile Marketing Should Engage Consumers

I’ve been thinking about mobile marketing and whether it is doing enough to engage consumers lately. Running mobile ads or creating a mobile website are effective parts of your overall mobile marketing campaign, and the goal should always be thinking about what you would like your customer to do next. How do you engage consumers through these mobile marketing tactics?

Getting the customer to click on the ad or visit your mobile website opens up an opportunity for you to have ongoing contact with that prospect. The more often you engage with the customer, the more likely he or she is to buy from you at some point.

One of the best practices for mobile engagement that you can use in your mobile engagement marketing efforts is to capture your customers’ contact information (with their permission, of course). Once you have this information, you can follow up from the initial contact with a mobile coupon or a special offer. For maximum effectiveness, you will want to make sure that you offer some type of reward to the customer immediately after receiving his or her contact information.

After the initial reward, make a point of contacting the customers on your list at regular intervals with information and offers that they will find informative and relevant. Contacting customers on their mobile device is a very effective way to boost revenue, since the message reaches buyers on the go, and they can make an immediate decision about whether to place an order or visit your brick and mortar location right away.

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