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Activating an SMS Campaign with a Keyword

Creating an SMS Campaign With a Keyword

Whether in a restaurant, mall, hospital, or a conference, when someone texts in with a keyword your message better be clear and useful. You can activate an SMS campaign with a keyword in the 3Seventy platform in just 2 steps.


Setup a Keyword

SMS Keyword, SMS Campaign Keyword, Activate SMS, True Dialog SMS
Reserve a Keyword

Go to Campaigns > Manage Keywords. On the right side is a button that reads Reserve New Keyword.

When you click on it, a pop-out window will ask you what name you want to use.

  • Make it a short word with no spaces (characters and numbers only)
  • It should be easy to remember and spell
  • The keyword should be related to your campaign or company



Attach a Keyword to a CampaignSMS Keyword, Attach Keyword to Campaign, SMS Campaigns, True Dialog SMS Platform, SMS Keyword

Go to Campaigns > Manage Campaigns. In the Actions column, click on the icon that looks like a key next to the campaign you want to activate.

Click inside the keyword box to choose your keyword, then submit.


Your campaign is now activated and you can text the keyword to your shortcode to test it out. 

Why are keywords useful?

1. Use keywords on marketing materials to grow your database quickly. Think about in-store signage, business cards, digital ads, and other places where your keyword can be placed to promote your SMS campaigns. Imagine adding the phrase “Text CUPCAKE to 33898” on a poster. That’s all it would take.


2. Think about using multiple SMS keywords on the same campaign for source tracking. If you want to compare a print campaign to a digital campaign, then use 2 different keywords and see which one led to more SMS sign-ups.


3. The imagery that you can create with SMS keywords is useful and fun to test out. Using a word that evokes an emotion or reaction in your audience.


4. Your SMS keyword is unique to you and your business. Only one account can use a keyword on each phone number (short code or long code). This word is part of your branding, so you can treat it as such.

Getting SMS Smart in March

There are all kinds of events happening around Austin in March, largely due to the presence of the big conference and festival in town. In the past, 3Seventy has thrown parties or sponsored events. This year, you’ll find us participating in several events so that we can meet with clients, partners, and other professionals in the industry to talk about SMS Smart (text messaging).


SMS Smart Technology Events in Austin this March


Austin Technology Council, SXSW, Interactive, March 2015March 12, 2015 at 5PM

3rd Annual ATC (Austin Technology Council) Gateway Party to kick off Austin’s largest tech conference! The party showcases Austin’s executive clout, global appeal, and the collaborative and vibrant face of the Austin tech scene and ATC’s member companies. ATC is the voice of Austin’s thriving technology and life sciences industries, representing 1,600 technology executives, 250+ companies and over 60,000 employees. The entire 3Seventy team will be in attendance, so find us there and let’s talk about technology. More Info Here


March 13, 2015 at 5PM

Austin Mobile Meetup at the Ginger Man. This informal professional group is focused on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering mobile technology innovation. The event will offer an open, comfortable environment for mobile (apps, SMS and web) enthusiasts to meet and discuss related news, best practices, tips, and anything else exciting in the technology niche. This year’s event is sponsored by TripCase. The entire 3Seventy team will be in attendance, so find us there and let’s talk about mobile technology, especially SMS. More Info Here


March 14, 2015 11AM – 4:30PMGeneral Assembly, SXSW Interactive, March 2015, Mobile, SMS,

General Assembly presents with SXSW a full day of free workshops. Throughout the day there will be free classes in web development, digital marketing, business development, user experience design, and more. General Assembly is an educational institution that transforms thinkers into creators through education in technology, business and design. This event is an exact reflection of just that. A few 3Seventy team members are attending different workshops, so keep an eye out for us. More Info Here


March 15, 2015 at 5PM

Tech Cocktail’s Startup Celebration at SXSWi 2015. This party will include a showcase of the 20 hottest startups across the world. Meanwhile, we will be enjoying a night of great conversation, giveaways, and cocktails. This is the media company founded and lead by former AOL product strategist, long-time tech blogger and new media pioneer Frank Gruber. It focuses on celebrating entrepreneurs, emerging technology and innovation. The team of tech analysts and curators bring a unique point of view to tech as they scour the web and world in search of new products and services, fresh voices, interesting leaders, hot news and trends, how-to’s and more.A few 3Seventy team members will be attending, so keep an eye out for us. More Info Here


Here are some friendly faces to look for from 3Seventy. Let’s get SMS Smart this March. 


John Wright, CEO, True Dialog, SMS Smart
John Wright
Brian Ambrose, True Dialog, vice president of sales, SMS SMart
Brian Ambrose
Steven Martinez, Partner Relationship Manager, True Dialog, SMS Smart
Steven Martinez
Bryce Simmonds, True Dialog, Software Engineer, Team Lead, SMS Smart
Bryce Simmonds
Aaron Bailey, Quality Assurance Engineer, True Dialog, SMS Smart
Aaron Bailey








Krishna Malreddy, Software Engineer, True Dialog, Developer, SMS Smart
Krishna Malreddy



SXSW 2013: Mobile Marketing is Getting Personalized & Localized

SXSW, mobile marketing, mobile marketing is getting personalized

Is Mobile Marketing Still Viable? YES!

While mobile technology launches were not center stage during this year’s South By South West Interactive Conference, it certainly did not go away. Some people claim that we have app fatigue or that mobile marketing is not as sexy as it once was. However, the conversations during a few panels and on the trade show floor would say otherwise. This will be the year when brands learn to personalize and customize the messages they send to consumers using mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing is Getting Personalized

As with other channels, mobile marketing is getting personalized . This shift in messaging is particularly important for small businesses. The most active smartphones users today are very different from years past. Something has returned to these consumers – trust. To build trust between a customer and a local business is vital for the growth and sustainability of that business. Consumers are back to trusting locally and they feel good about being known by their first name.

I have seen this personalized messaging done best with text marketing, but also with mobile websites and mobile apps. Text marketing makes it easy, because on some platforms you can create text surveys for your customers and segment your future messages based upon their responses. This creates a type of preferences setup for discount offers and announcements. Ask your customers about their visits to your store:

  • How often do they visit
  • What is the most common item or service they purchase
  • Are they satisfied with customer service
  • Would they recommend you to friends
  • How is the quality of your product or service

For the people who are very satisfied or who visit you frequently, consider developing a mobile loyalty program to show your appreciation. The people who are less satisfied or who are casual customers need more of a push, so offering a large discount or free item may help to grow them into a more loyal customer. Mobile coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of printed coupons, and mobile loyalty programs are used much more frequently than those plastic cards.

South By South West has come full circle in the type of attendees – from small start-ups to huge brands, and now back to the small businesses again. Local businesses are very savvy and flexible with their marketing efforts, which is why they see the importance of mobile marketing and how they can utilize it to grow their businesses.

Mobile Websites Becoming a Need for Hotel Owners

need for hotel owners
Starwood Hotels use mobile “Click-to-Call” ads to drive traffic
With more and more consumers using their smartphones to surf the Web, mobile websites are becoming increasingly important to the hospitality trade, including hotel owners. I can see that one of the main purposes for building mobile websites would be for travelers to make reservations on the go.
Cell phone reservations are quite popular with people who are looking to make bookings, and this function can work very well for hotel chains and independent operations that get drive-in customers. With the 2011 number of mobile hotel searches up 3,000 percent over the previous year, now is the time for owners to make sure they have a mobile engagement platform with proper mobile web development.
I can see that someone who is looking for a room for the same or next day would be more likely to use a mobile device to make a reservation. To make the process of checking in an easy and convenient one, make a point of sending the guest a confirmation number the day before their arrival.
Another way you can use your mobile web development to your advantage is to create a page specifically for conference attendees. Visitors who are planning to attend the event will be able to find information they need quickly and easily, and posting it on the hotel’s mobile website will reduce the number of calls made to the hotel to find out about the daily itinerary and other details attendees need to know.

The Mobile Marketing Conference 2012 Wrapup

Last week, Carrie Chitsey, CEO of 3Seventy, and Candice Beckmann, Partner Account Manager, attended the Mobile Marketing Conference in Miami, FL. After meeting many great people, listening to informative sessions, and enjoying some Florida sunshine, they are back in the office, full of new ideas for our clients. Candice Beckmann has highlighted her takeaways from the conference here:

I have grown accustomed to attending conferences with thousands of people, 3 minute conversations, and walking the long aisles of a convention center. However, the Mobile Marketing Conference was an intimate gathering of major brands and mobile experts sharing their experiences with mobile solutions, a refreshing change that allowed attendees to really get to know each other, the speakers, and the conference organizers.

Most of the sessions were presented by interactive and digital directors from brands. The range of experiences included success stories with apps, mobile websites, SMS messaging, traditional websites, QR codes, and snap tags. Companies such as Capital One, Taco Bell, and L’Oreal found great success with innovative mobile apps that allowed users to connect with their products or services. Others, such as Gap and Forrester Research, found mobile web to be the most valuable resource, companies.

It was incredibly useful to hear about the creative and technical solutions that large companies produced with mobile tools. Though none of the mobile concepts were new to me, but the experiences were beneficial and some the important takeaways included:

  • A strong mobile strategy must consider both the long and short term ways to engage your audience.
  • It’s important to create an integrated digital experience in multiple channels.
  • You must have a mobile website, because without it you are lost to the consumer.
  • Using mobile to educate your consumer aids loyalty to your brand.
  • A successful SMS campaign means sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

I think the conference reiterated the importance of a mobile strategy to a number of managers and executives from top brands in the U.S., and gave them the tools and knowledge to get started now, before it’s too late.

Hospitality Industry Using QR Codes to Improve Guest Experience

The hospitality industry has come up with some interesting ways to use QR Codes to improve guest experience. 
Hospitality, improve guest experience, qr codes, mobile marketing
An example of one innovative way that QR codes are being used to relay information to guests is being used at the National Conference Center. The codes are posted at different locations throughout the facility to indicate eco-friendly policies. Guests scan the QR codes to learn more about other areas of the premises where the green initiatives are being used.
Guests who are staying at the Best Western Hotel Le Montparnasse in Paris who want to find out what amenities are available can scan a QR code from a brochure placed in their room. When the guest scans the code, they see a PDF document indicating all the amenities in that room. This is a highly effective way to provide a lot of information in a quick and convenient manner.
QR codes can also be used as on-site promotional tool. I was really impressed to learn that the Fountainebleau Hotel Miami Beach regularly uses QR codes to direct guests to landing pages that provide detailed information about its restaurants, bars, and spa facilities.
All of these methods of using QR codes are quite creative. I can see how using them can help to accomplish the goal of providing information without incurring large costs for printing materials.

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