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SMS Operations For College Professors

The world of US higher education is big. Over 20.2 million students  are enrolled in college this fall throughout the US. Many professors, teaching assistants, and other higher education personnel are overwhelmingly outnumbered. SMS provides a multitude of efficient ways for universities to stay in contact with students without creating a ton of work or new processes.


Conduct Class Discussions With A SMS Dialog Campaign


Set up a SMS dialog campaign to conduct discussions outside of class or real-time polls. For testing: the professor can create a question (or series of questions) with open-ened or pre-set answer choices to test if the class is studying the material.  In-Class Engagement: Gather the responses for a case study scenario to gauge achievements and understanding. A SMS dialog campaign can be an effective way to facilitate interaction between professors and students.


Department Meetings Made Easier

Professors may teach in different areas of a campus or on different campuses altogether, so scheduling and gathering for meetings can get complicated. If a group of professors require a meeting but can’t agree upon a good time and location, then SMS can help keep everyone organized. The SMS dialog campaign can be used to poll the group to decide upon the best location and time.

As well, the department-wide announcements can be delivered through the channel of each professor’s choice. While the one group of professors may prefer email or online boards to get announcements, others may want mobile alerts in real-time. The leader of the meeting can set up a basic SMS campaign to send departmental updates to everyone collectively or set up a dialog campaign to gather input from the rest of the group.


Keep Students in the LoopSMS Operations, SMS Buisness, College Students, Mobile Operations

Keeping students informed about class announcements can be a bit of a challenge at times. Only 51% of people aged 18-20 will open their emails on their phones compared to the 98% open rate for SMS messages. Professors can use SMS to update students about upcoming assignments, exam schedules, changes to the syllabus, and other real-time updates. Using a basic SMS campaign, professors and can send these general alerts to all students or by individual class. The other option is to use an SMS gateway campaign for sending triggered messages when there are changes in the professor’s online teaching platform (such as Blackboard).


The world of higher education is extremely busy for both educators and students alike. With the bombardment of emails on a daily basis, one communication channel simply isn’t enough. SMS is a great way to expand the communications system in higher education everywhere. Finding effective ways to ease the communication between professors and students can lead to better success for the overall university.


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