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SMS Message Templates for Businesses

Over 350 billion texts are sent everyday, around the world, for multiple purposes. When it comes to SMS messaging for your business, people often worry about creating useful or creative messages. Try creating some reusable SMS message templates for your business to get the right message across. These templates will vary depending on both your business and reasons for texting.


Templates for Keeping In-Touch

It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to keep in regular communication with their mobile database. In fact, 1 in 5 consumers are more likely to prefer a text message over a phone call from a business (ICMI). Keeping in touch once a month or so with your mobile database keeps the business fresh in the minds of your contacts (consumers, vendors, etc). These mobile communications have a variety of different uses and are used for different phases in a growing business-to-consumer relationship.

For many businesses, the initial text sent to a new mobile subscription is the simple welcome message. Separate from the required confirmation messages, these SMS message templates are typically structured as a greeting and a brief introduction to what the customer is opting into. Here’s an example:

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Beyond the initial welcome message, there are a plethora of other SMS message templates that businesses can use to maintain communications. SMS can also be used for gathering feedback from customers, facilitating dialog, and sending out follow-ups.


SMS Message Templates for Alerts

Perhaps the most common use of SMS for businesses is SMS alerts, which are typically setup through a SMS API and automated. Some common SMS message templates for alerts include appointment reminders, order confirmations, and shipping notifications.

One of the most popular SMS alert template is the appointment reminder. SMS appointment reminders are not only convenient for your mobile database, they can also be easily setup with an SMS gateway campaign to completely automated your business’s scheduling. SMS alerts can be brief or detailed, depending upon your business needs. A straightforward alert usually includes the customer name and pertinent details such as time and date.

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There are so many ways to incorporate SMS into your business. The easiness and versatility of a simple text can transform your marketing, company operations, or customer service. However, the message can only be understood if it is in a clearly written message for the customer. To ensure your mobile success, it is crucial to plan ahead so that your SMS message templates are your best messages.


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