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Text Marketing Preferred Over Downloadable Apps

As the number of smartphone users increases, retailers are using mobile marketing techniques to reach out to their customer base more than ever. According to a recent study conducted by Cellit, retailers have found that the immediacy of text messaging has a greater appeal to its customers than that of a downloadable App.

Text Marketing Preferred 

While mobile apps are fun and interactive, text marketing preferred among many retailers and brands for it’s immediacy and high redemption rates with special offers. Retailers are making the most of text marketing is by including special offers. Customers can take advantage of these mobile-only coupons immediately. Some retailers include mobile coupons or other forms of text marketing to have a limited validation (for a certain number of days), and this encourages the customer to redeem it immediately.  These mobile coupons create a sense of urgency that a paper coupon simply does not have.

A customer is less likely to see and use a coupon that is provided through the traditional means of distribution.  This particular method requires the perusal and clipping of coupons, remembering to grab it before leaving for the store and then remembering to provide it to the cashier during checkout. Electronic offers and mobile coupons simplify this process for the customer and increase the coupon redemption rate for the retailer, ultimately boosting in store traffic and sales.

Getting up and running with a text messaging program is faster and more affordable than an app. It’s yet another reason why brands and retailers are turning to text service providers like 3Seventy.


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