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SMS Makes Recruiting More Efficient

As of November 2015, job openings in the U.S were hovering around 5.4 million. For many, recruiting is done with the help of staffing agencies which hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees per year. With such a high volume of applicants, efficiency is key for managing the recruiting process. By integrating SMS, applicants and staffing agency employees can ease the process and make recruiting more efficient.


SMS Alerts

Timing is everything in this industry, so staying up-to-date on new opportunities is crucialrecruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts. One approach used to shorten the leg work among the hiring company, staffing agency, and the applicant, is automated SMS Alerts. Using an SMS gateway, your agency can send out triggered alerts when jobs pertaining to the applicant’s skillset (setup as filters) are available.

By setting up these SMS alerts, staffing agency employees spend less time reaching out to potential applicants, and more time searching for new opportunities. Since SMS has a 99% open rate and email has just 20%, you will get faster responses to those job orders and a higher volume of potential applicants.


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FAQs Go Mobile

recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alertsWhile job hunting, applicants have tons of questions for you – from the basic how-to questions to the job-specific ones. While in-depth questions about a job are necessary for an applicant and staffing agency to discuss, frequently asked questions can be diverted to a self-directed resource. Staffing agencies can set up a landing page for applicants that is responsive to answer general questions. And you can include a link to this page not only in emails, but also in any text message exchanges with applicants. The more ways information is made available, the more likely someone is to utilize it. In addition to saving time, you are providing an instant way to get questions answered that is most convenient for applicants.


Recruiting More Efficient Than Ever


For those recurring questions that are standard for qualifying candidates, there’s an easier way. Recruiting is more efficient when you can use a SMS dialog campaign. If you have a group of 10 potential candidates for one job order, but know that there is a specific request from the client about a skill requirement – such as knowing JavaScript – then you can push out a broadcast text message to those applicants for an instant response. The dialog SMS allows applicants to reply to your question, whether it’s multiple choice, open response and a yes/no. This allows you to quickly filter out those best suited for the job order and more forward.

SMS is a smart solution for staffing agencies to best help their job candidates and clients. By reducing the distance between the hiring company, staffing agency, and applicant, filling positions can be done in a more timely fashion. Time is crucial for the job filling process. The faster things move, then recruiting becomes more efficient and everyone is happier.


Sources: American Staffing Agency

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