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Interview Operations for Staffing Agencies

The interview process is probably the most important step for both staffing agencies and job candidates. Scheduling the interview, checking in, the interview itself, and follow-up can all be extremely stressful. Staffing agencies need to be in peak form for the onslaught of scheduling and interview operations. Thankfully, a lot of the work can be accomplished using an SMS technology to support your tactical plans.


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Scheduling interviews can be a challenge – especially if the candidate has multiple opportunities and the client has limited windows of availability. For staffing agencies, supporting candidates so that they are properly scheduled for interviews is integral for both the success of the candidate and maintaining good relations with the hiring company. An easy way to simplify interview operations is coordinating schedules using text messaging. Staffing agencies can easily allow candidates to select interview times via SMS, as well as send text reminders about upcoming interviews. By automating this process, it reduces the margin of scheduling errors.

Allowing candidates to check-in before an interview using their mobile phones helps you stay abridge of their status. When staffing agencies send out an interview reminder text, they can also include a follow-up message asking candidates to confirm their attendance. By having real-time confirmation with SMS, staffing agencies avoid wasting the hiring company’s time with no-show applicants. Since these no-shows would be documented on the staffing agency’s system, it aids in siphoning out the “frequently flaky” candidates.


Interview Operations Using SMS

Prepping for an interview is a nerve-wracking task for most job seekers. During this time, staffing agencies may be swamped with questions about the logistics, tips, and techniques. An easy way to provide interviewing resources to job candidates is by mobilizing the hiring / interview FAQs. Send out tips via SMS periodically, or create triggered messages that are sent the day of a candidate’s interview. This cuts down on time spent on answering general questions so that  more time is spent on finding new candidates, in-depth interview questions or training.interview operations, recruiting more efficient, SMS recruiting, sms solutions, mobile solutions, sms integration, sms alerts, sms interview

58% of employers don’t communicate to applicants about how long the interviewing process will take (Career Builder). That means, in addition to being stressful, interviewing can cost a lot of time and money. This could be detrimental to the staffing agency’s reputation. Those who work hard to place the right candidates in the right jobs may get public whiplash from reviews. Armed with mobile tools however, staffing agencies can ease the burden of interview operations on both themselves and their candidates.


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