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SMS Integration into a CRM System Creates Efficiency

Make Your CRM System More Effective

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) are a key component for many businesses today. Using a CRM is a major priority, but it can also be difficult to execute. Thankfully, there are many CRM platforms with features that make customer relationship management a less daunting task. There’s been a sharp rise in mobile device ownership in the U.S., and so SMS integration has become an important feature to include in your CRM system.


Does SMS Fit Into CRM Strategy?

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CRMs provide a simple, all-in-one place for businesses to manage their contacts and conduct customer communications. Since texting is the most frequently used applicationlication on a cell phone – 97% of Americans report that they text at least once a day – SMS has become a valuable addition to a business communications strategy, especially when integrated into a CRM. Texting provides a means for keeping in touch with customers in real-time while simplifying the process of relationship management for users. Many businesses use basic SMS alerts triggered from their CRM, such as banks notifying customers about account balances or schools contacting parents about a child’s progress.


How to Integrate SMS Into Your CRM System

Not only is SMS proven to be an effective communications tool, but it’s also easy to integrate into any software platform, especially a CRM. That’s why many CRM platforms have made mobile and SMS integration a fixture in their offerings. Integrating SMS into a your CRM system can be done in a couple of ways. One method uses an application or third party extension that plugs into your CRM platform with a few steps, which is great if that is an available offering. Many of the more robust CRMs have a whole marketplace of third party plugins. A more customized approach uses an API to connect the SMS platform to your CRM. At 3Seventy, many customers use our RESTful API to integrate specific parts of their CRM system with our SMS platform. The two platforms can send and receive information back and forth such as new customer sign-ups, activity, and contact information updates.

CRM systems, customer relations management, sms integration, crm integration

As technology progresses, the emphasis on customer relationship management continues to grow as key component of success. Today’s fast-paced world can make it difficult to both attain and retain customers. With the power of a CRM system coupled with SMS integration, businesses can be better prepared to reach and stay connected with their contacts.


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