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SMS Gateway Campaigns

Why do I want to use a SMS Gateway Campaign?sms gateway campaigns, sms marketing, mobile marketing, sms business

Among the different types of SMS campaigns, the SMS gateway campaign can be the hardest to understand despite the extreme usefulness. SMS gateway campaigns allow companies to use triggered sms alerts based upon chosen parameters (such as appointment date) established by its own internal software (common examples include POS or CRM systems). For example, if your company uses a POS system that tracks certain purchase a customer makes, you can set up a sms gateway campaign to send out a triggered alert to thank a customer for shopping with your business. If a customer has their eye on something in your store, you can have the customer opt-in to be notified with a triggered sms alert when stock of that item is low.

How does the SMS Gateway Campaign on 3Seventy’s Platform Work?

A sms gateway campaign is tough to grasp conceptually but, once seen in action it becomes a little easier to digest. Below is a brief video of how a sms gateway campaign is conducted through 3Seventy’s portal:


Examples of How a SMS Gateway Works in the Real World

SMS gateway campaigns assist both user and receiver on a daily basis. Many sms gateway campaign, sms campaigns, mobile marketing, sms marketing, sms businessapartment complexes will use a sms gateway campaign for mass communication with tenants to notify of package delivery or maintenance visits. You would have to use a gateway rather than a basic SMS campaign because these specific alerts go out at unique times and not all at once. You can set a trigger in your sms gateway campaign to alert the tenant of the specific action that is occurring. More examples include appointment reminders from doctor’s offices, low balance alerts from banks, and internal communications for large organizations like universities.


SMS gateway campaigns are highly useful for a variety of different businesses. It may be scary because it seems complex but, sms gateway campaigns are used so frequently in real life application, they become almost second nature to your mobile marketing.

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