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SMS for Recruiting Webinar

SMS has gained significant momentum in the realm of recruiting and staffing agency operations. With over 14 million contract and temporary hires per year, staffing agencies are an integral piece to filling the 5.4 million U.S job openings. During the webinar today, we will cover a variety of topics relating to SMS for recruiting, staffing agency operations, and improving brand positioning in the market place. Today’s recruiting webinar will cover 3 main points:

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1. Improve Professional SMS Etiquette

About 25% of marketers use SMS with 65% reporting that it is “very successful”. As SMS expands in professional settings, it is important to maintain proper SMS etiquette.

2. Explore SMS Strategies for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies deal in a very time sensitive industry. In this recruiting webinar, we will explore a case study in which a staffing agency utilized their SMS database to increase candidate satisfaction. This will demonstrate a real-life example of how SMS is bettering staffing agency operations.

3.  Building Brand Trust

Being tech-savvy is now a major component of positive brand image. Candidates are more likely to flock to brands that incorporate relevant, modern technology in their business practices. This not only increases communications, but increases candidates’ trust.

This staffing webinar will be extremely beneficial for recruiters and staffing agencies – learning how SMS can be a viable tool for operations and professional communication. Staffing agencies armed with this information can stay ahead of the curve in both candidate satisfaction and millennial retention. Join us for our SMS Recruiting Webinar today at 1PM CST / 11AM PST for to explore these topics and more.


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