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SMS Conversations with University LMS

As the adoption of learning management systems (LMS) grows in educational settings, the need to integrate mobile becomes increasingly important. Among undergraduates, 86% of them own a smartphone and 47% own a tablet. With such high numbers of mobile device ownership, many students and professors are learning new ways to incorporate mobile into education. Fifty percent of students reported that they do school work on smartphones or tablets. One of the biggest attributes of mobile incorporation into an LMS is the SMS conversations.  

Improve Classrooms with SMS Conversations

About 30% of university instructors incorporate mobile technology into assignments. While that number is still rather low, it shows the growth in mobile device adoption. One perk to using learning management systems with mobile integrated is that the centralized platform makes a cohesive educational experience. Coupling this centralization with SMS allows professors to conduct classroom interactions in real time. A number of university LMS and other technology tools allow professors to conduct in-class surveys, polls, and personalize discussions related to the learning material. These classroom interactions not only make the lecture engaging for students, but they also help students get a better grasp of the material.


SMS Conversations, learning management systems, LMS, mobile integration, EdTech, education technology, mobile educationTake the Conversation Outside the Classroom

Today’s students are constantly on the go. Texting is one of the few forms of communication that manages to keep up with busy students. Having SMS conversations integrated into the university’s LMS makes it easier to keep up classroom communications outside the classroom.  In addition to standard announcements, professors can utilize the university LMS to conduct homework assignments. And all of this can be done in a secure way that prevents abuse of the technology.

Using texting capability built into the LMS, a professor can message students a series of questions every evening to spread out the learning process. This same professor can also foster a true dialog between groups of students by hosting a weekly chat via SMS. This could be seamlessly integrated into the course materials and syllabus thanks to a powerful learning management system.

Millennial and Gen-Z students are the biggest mobile users in the US. It’s no surprise that LMSs have integrated mobile technology. It’s important to have real-time communication with students and SMS conversations work. SMS provides a medium that can fully support the seamless learning experience while adapting to the new generations preferences.

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