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The TrueDialog SMS API

Why Build What We’ve Already Built?

TrueDialog’s SMS API has more pre-built features than any other SMS API on the market. This allows developers to code less, move faster, and save money.

Our Enterprise-Grade cloud-based platform takes an API-first approach, allowing our customers to seamlessly integrate with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo,Hubspot and others.

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What Makes us Different

The features below are not included with Twilio or other SMS API Vendors. All are included free with TrueDialog’s SMS API. We have 47 API endpoints, more than six times our nearest competitor. And our API-first approach offers greater flexibility and makes implementation much smoother.


TrueDialog maintains our own duplicate Opt-Out database for extra protection against accidentally texting a contact that has Opted-Out.

True 1-to-1 Dialog

We provide pre-built two-way chat endpoint that creates threaded, seamless conversations at scale. No need to build and link all conversations using old “2-way” technology. With TrueDialog, it’s free and ready to roll.

Automated Callback Manager

When a message comes in, the Callback Manager automatically posts the message back into your internal system. It’s a big time saver. STOP, DIALOG and KEYWORD Callbacks all come standard.


Our basic campaign endpoint lets you send millions of messages with just one API call. Other providers require one API call for each message sent. Stop taxing your systems and bandwidth and get faster delivery.

Drill Down Reports

Use our prebuilt reporting or build your own custom reports with our report endpoints.

Scheduling Engine

Schedule campaigns anytime using our Flex Schedule capabilities. No need to use 3rd party scheduling, ours is built in.


With our full suite of calling APIs, you can easily deploy click-to-call, bridge calls, conference calls, recorded audio, and call forwarding.

TrueDialog’s feature-rich platform is the most cost-effective solution in the market. No one beats our prices. No one.

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