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Why Is New York A Friendlier Scene For Female Tech Entrepreneurs?

Female Tech Entrepreneurs Across the US

The U.S. Global EnFemale Tech Entrepreneurs, New York, text message marketingtrepreneurship Monitor says that women start ventures with eight times less funding than their male counterparts. But that is for general U.S. numbers, so what is happening in New York versus Silicon Valley? Why is New York a friendlier scene for female tech entrepreneurs?

Carrie Chitsey, is the Founder  of mobile marketing company 3Seventy. It specializes in mobile CRM and makes QR codes, apps, and mobile sites for companies wishing to better engage their audience through their mobile devices.  She told The Grindstone:

“Having worked in NYC for 6.5 years, there are many powerful women in key executive roles and leaders in the city. Women are very smart and well respective, it’s standard. Silicon Valley is more of a good ole boys’ club of Stanford and young tech entrepreneurs. Getting into that club as an outside is much harder and if you haven’t previously raised money from a VC company there with a proven track record it’s hard to break the inner circle.”

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