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TrueDialog Launches SMS Mobile App

TrueDialog, premier provider of SMS Text Solutions, today announced the launch of their SMS Mobile App.

This week, our brand new one-of-a-kind mobile app will become available to our customers.  Developed with industry leaders, our app will allow users to manage SMS text campaigns from anywhere.  Built for Android and iPhone mobile app, our app can be found in Google Play and the Apple store and comes equipped with full administrative controls.  Once a user downloads the app, they will be prompted to enter their credentials and will immediately be able to utilize the platform.  Also, advanced security measures have been put into place that will allow administrators to revoke access to the app for a specific user, for instances such as an employee losing their phone, or leaving the company.

We’re looking forward to allowing our customers to mobilize their call center agents to engage in True 1-to-1 Dialog at scale.

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