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3Seventy Offering Mobile Marketing Solutions Through Unparalleled Vector370 Platform

3Seventy is now offering businesses a way to connect to existing and potential consumers through mobile marketing solutions

3Seventy was founded on the belief that the text inbox is the most valuable real estate in marketing today. The mission at 3Seventy is to provide businesses with effective tools and strategies to not only be invited into their customer’s true inner circle, but to remain welcome. Through thousands of campaigns and millions of text messages, 3Seventy has developed and refined highly effective customer engagement strategies, with proven results. 3Seventy utilizes a large mobile marketing platform for businesses to receive unparalleled benefits. 3Seventy’s rapid-launch mobile engagement platform enables small and global enterprises to harness the power of text and engage customers in a two-way conversation for intensified insights into consumer behavior.

3Seventy’s proprietary technology, Vector370, quickly sends and gathers data that drives sales, increase revenue and achieves efficiencies. Vector370 has evolved through experience and insights gained from over five years of 3Seventy guiding client engagement with their customers. This platform allows for maximum scalability, message throughput, and extensibility. Each capability comprising the service-oriented architecture is horizontally and independently scalable, having been built atop the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 3Seventy’s incomparable platform utilizes a Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) SMS API that sends messages extremely fast in real-time via a constantly available connection. Making it ideal for sending out frequent, high volumes of messages at high speed. Vector370’s platform connection to a Tier 1 aggregator ensures an extremely high degree of reliability and availability.

Vector370’s valued features include a global reach to 990+ operators in most countries with 5.5 billion subscribers. There is also a multi-lingual capability allowing businesses to connect on a large scale with their clients. 3Seventy guarantees that all mobile marketing campaigns operate at the highest legal and ethical standards with Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) industry best practices and Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) compliance built into the technology. Vector370 also includes a management portal that enables each business to set up and manage a full range of text campaigns along with reporting and analytics. The Customer Preference Center enables customers to select their communications preference, including text messaging, email, or third party channel of choice. 3Seventy’s robust suite of APIs enables easy integration into a loyalty platform, customer relationship management, email, or any other custom system. This means matchless dialogue capabilities, market research, and so much more.

3Seventy offers large or small businesses nationwide the best mobile marketing solutions. From creating campaigns and managing mobile marketing strategies to simply offering the SMS Platform for businesses with established marketing plans – 3Seventy is the leading choice for any mobile marketing movement.

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