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3Seventy Expands SMS API Features to Include Long Codes and MMS

SMS Provider, 3Seventy, releases significant upgrades and features to its powerful API for SMS and MMS

3Seventy, a leading global provider of mobile solutions, announced the release of several new features to enable developers to build more powerful mobile toolsets. 3Seventy’s RESTful API allows developers to connect with 990+ operators and 5.5 billion wireless subscribers globally. This release includes the availability of MMS and Long Codes, as well as stability enhancements, event status, and more.

Release Highlights:

  • SDKs. There are SDKs available for multiple languages (C#, Java, Ruby, PHP) that get the initial setup of SMS. Those are available in the True Dialog API Libraries.
  • API Dashboard. More developers are using a mixture of API calls and the portal to build what they need, so True Dialog created a dedicated dashboard to support their needs with shortcuts and reporting.

Technical employees access a vast array of software solutions on a daily basis, and making it easy to implement is key to cross-platform integration. Communicating with the developer community and offering easy application of mobile solutions are high priorities for 3Seventy, so new API and Portal releases rolling out over the summer months will address those priorities.

“We’re brining the power of MMS and SMS to developers and marketers alike,” John Wright, CEO, 3Seventy.

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